DataView RMS: Transition to a Truly Paperless Office

Choosing an imaging and records management system is as important as selecting an appropriate accounting system.  CAI’s DataView Enhanced Records Management System (RMS) provides solutions to the specific paperwork problems you face every day. DataView will help you reduce the labor costs associated with handling customer information, improve the efficiency of document management, spend less time looking for information and avoid the unnecessary duplication of documents.

Take Advantage of the Paperless Office – Finally!

The DataView RMS is fully integrated with our family of industry-specific ERP Software or available as a standalone document archiving and retrieval solution that can be deployed in days rather than weeks, without engaging your IT resources. Integration is seamless and customizations for your specific business needs are addressed without major programming modifications.

DataView is engineered to enhance productivity and avoid disruption to the existing infrastructure, and is extensible to handle future business growth, eliminating system upgrades or enhancements. Storage formats guarantee future accessibility and accommodation of evolving storage standards. In addition, backup and recovery is simplified without the need of photocopying for off-site backups. Finally, retrieving old digital documents is inexpensive and efficient.

Boost Your Bottom Line!

In addition to improving customer service, DataView can boost your bottom line and ROI by letting you use your space to generate profits—not store tons of paper.  Increase employee efficiency and eliminate misplaced or lost files and let your team access documents instantly from any PC, across a LAN, WAN, or via the Internet. It’s easy with DataView RMS.

Enhance Your Workflow Process

DataView improves the workflow process and enhances the review and approval of traditional paper documents by letting you route electronic documents.  Forms in .pdf format can be created and sent to users to gather information. The forms are approved, signed,or rejected. The information captured on the forms may be migrated to documents, reports, or databases.

After the approval process is complete, the finalized document is imported to a specified location in DataView.

The DataView RMS lets you easily:​

  • Define and configure PDF forms for your specific business needs.
  • Email documents for review and save the changes, comments, and approvals into DataView.
  • Automatically import the documents back into DataView using document name, barcode, or index fields.
  • Place a form in a directory, or send the form to many users for multiple reviews and/or approvals.
  • Electronically sign the forms.
  • Merge the comments into the original document, or create a new document for storage.

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