CAI Software, LLC is a recognized leader in the delivery of mission-critical enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution systems (MES) and services to leading companies in select vertical markets, including building materials, food processing, precious metals and discrete manufacturing.

Our ERP solutions automate key production, distribution and financial processes, help meet fluctuating customer requirements, increase productivity and maximize bottom-line profit. Our flagship MES solution — ShopVue — is a modular, operator-friendly system enabling mid- to enterprise-sized discrete manufacturers to better manage their people, processes, orders, and machines. ShopVue customers achieve measurable improvements in quality, cost and delivery time.

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Innovating for Today’s Mobile Workforce.

In today’s mobile, connected environment, businesses with on-demand access to mission-critical systems and data—and the peace of mind knowing that it’s safe from security risks and catastrophic downtime—have a marked advantage.  At the same time, companies have realized that today’s cloud empowers their employees to work effectively anytime, anywhere.

A major development thrust for CAI has been to create cloud-based implementations of our enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and help our clients realize the cost and security advantages that cloud computing offers.