Gold Scrap

Turn Your Scrap into Gold with NAV for Recycling Software

If you recover, process and sell recyclable material from E-Scrap – including precious metals – Computer Associates’ NAV for E-Scrap Recycling can turn your e-scrap into pure gold!

NAV for E-Scrap Recycling is affordable, fully integrated business management software that simplifies process tracking and improves inventory visibility and reclamation and settlement of precious metals. Unlike other enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that help you breakdown and track recyclable materials, NAV for E-Scrap Recycling goes a step further with built-in modules for full refining of precious-metal bearing components. The software eliminates the inaccuracy of dealing with redundant data from multiple sources and helps to increase efficiency, accuracy, traceability and business analysis.

Based on Microsoft Corp.’s Dynamics™ ERP software, NAV for E-Scrap Recycling features a user interface that has the familiar look-and-feel of other Microsoft applications you already use.  So the learning curve is fast!

Helping Companies Like Colt Refining Optimize E-Scrap Processing 

We are proud of our work with Colt Refining & Recycling, Inc., the largest processor of scrap electronics in the Northeast U.S.  Each year Colt Recycling processes over 20 million pounds of electronic material. Through a unique processing system, Colt strategically separates e-scrap into by-product feedstock readily accepted into mills, smelters or the company’s own precious metals refining facility. Read more here.

How can we help you?

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