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Choosing Software is About More Than Just Technology

Selecting software for your LBM business is an important decision with long-term ramifications. Your checklist of features and technical requirements is important, but you should take a long, hard look at the organization behind it—the resources and time dedicated to your implementation process—and if that organization will work closely with your company down the road to make sure the system continues to add value over the long term.

CAI Software is extremely proud of our reputation for technical competency, integrity, and the enduring partnerships that we’ve built over 35 years in the LBM industry.  Ponderosa has been implemented in hundreds of dealers, distributors and manufacturers throughout the U.S.

A unique approach to supporting our customers.

At Ponderosa, we are equally proud of our superior, in-depth Implementation process that ensures your organization’s confidence in the software from Day One. We spend more time on-site during the implementation process than any of our competitors—a critical differentiator that ensures your success.

Your high-quality support begins with a comprehensive site survey where one of our experienced, highly technical, LBM Consultants will garner a full understanding of your company’s daily processes. They will help you to uncover areas in your business where you can save money and how to best use Ponderosa to save it. The subsequent recommendations they make—both within Ponderosa and in your Implementation Plan—ensure that you immediately begin to recoup your investment in the system and that your ROI increases exponentially over time.

The Ponderosa Support team is nimble and flexible enough to solve specific business challenges that arise for our clients, and enhance the software continually to ensure that it maximizes value year after year.

Uncover areas in your business where you can save money!

One of LBM consultants remain assigned to your account after go-live, so you will always receive individualized attention, with the option to request customization if needed.  Rather than being put into a support pool where you never know who you will get on the phone, or if you can even reach a live person, your Ponderosa Consultant will be intimately familiar with your company’s operations, the Ponderosa implementation, and any customizations that you requested to meet your business goals.

Our post-installation Customer Support call volume is significantly lower than that of our competitors because of our in-depth personal approach and our customers are reassured that they always have access to help when they need it.  Our clients appreciate this commitment and continuity in service and support.

Software issue? Hardware issue? We Do It All.

In addition to top-notch software support, we’re your one-stop shop for computer network design, server and desktop PC support, cybersecurity, backup and disaster recovery plans with a 24/7 Help Desk and/or software hosting if needed. Our competitors will tell you that they can provide you with the network support services you need which they, in turn, outsource to a third-party network support company. Adding a third layer to the vital support you need may result in costly delays during your implementation—or at any time when you need a critical answer immediately. Why hire an outsider who is unfamiliar with your company to manage your IT infrastructure? We’ve got you covered whether you’ve got a software or hardware issue.

If you’re looking to upgrade your business software this year, let’s start a conversation. Call (800) 422-4782.