Ponderosa Sales Portal – 24/7 Web-based Ordering

Ponderosa Sales Portal

Ponderosa’s innovative, online ordering system simplifies one-step and two-step distribution and provides the quickest and most efficient turnaround for customers to submit quotes and orders.  The portal’s convenient dashboard provides easy access to create quotes, place orders, review invoices, inventory, delivery and billing at any time of day.

Build Products Flawlessly — On the Fly

Ponderosa’s Sales Portal streamlines millwork order entry, reduces errors and eliminates potential of costly returns and rebuilds by presenting logical selections for entry and interior door systems, windows, and other millwork products. Intuitive navigation lets your customers and sales reps move swiftly between different product categories.

You can build out stock items or customized, interior and exterior, pre-hung doors and pre-assembled stairs, etc. in minutes, and then submit a quote or order with the customer’s choice of delivery day.

Cleary 365 from Cleary Millwork

Cleary 365, the first commercial deployment of the Sales Portal by Cleary Millwork based in Somerset, MA, has significantly increased their sales volume and efficiency.

Since its launch of Cleary 365, Cleary has seen a 10% month over month growth in orders and 20% of all of their residential quotes are now being processed through the portal, freeing their salesmen to pursue new business.

Real-time Access to Inventory, Pricing and More

Give your customers secure, real-time access to inventory, pricing, and credit information. If someone is interested in a custom entry door, they simply select, view and price their desired door slab type, sidelights, exterior trim and upsell items such as transoms to fit their project—without having to wait for your customer service department to open. Customers are only presented with their pricing and orders are reviewed by your staff before they are approved for production and delivery. The Amazon-Like shopping cart feature induces your dealers to order add-ons for more profitable sales.

Integrated ‘My Account’ Feature

Accounting departments love the simplicity of “My Account”, a self-service module that lets customers check order status, view AR balances, invoices an payments.

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