Frustrated Obsolete Software.

It may seem cheaper in the short-term to put off a software upgrade, but it can be ultimately very expensive if you are attempting to maintain the software in-house or even worse, trying to work with a software vendor who just isn’t able to support your needs as your legacy applications become increasingly obsolete.

Here’s the top warning signs that your business software may be a bit long in the tooth:

  • Lack of real-time access to your business data;
  • Reliance on multiple spreadsheets and an assortment of third-party apps;
  • Limited traceability with no bar code tracking support;
  • Your software vendor won’t or can’t provide the level of support you need.

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place: Seasoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software.

Get 24/7 access to your data.

Seasoft’s intuitive Business Intelligence (BI) tool lets you assemble and analyze data collected from operations and make discoveries that solve business problems.  Uncover trends and take actions to improve efficiency and increase profits. All operational and financial data is collected by the BI tool and can be immediately viewed—from any device—in dynamic dashboards.  Ask and answer streams of questions on your own and in teams and forge new paths to insight and decision.

Unlike other solutions, where just a few people are involved in insight creation, Seasoft enables everyone to get involved.  It’s about Analytics on financials, sales, customers, vendors, production and even deliveries.  Production managers, back office personnel, even delivery departments have easy access to the data they need to create Views tailored to their unique needs so they can work smarter and faster.

Stop relying on spreadsheets.

Without an ERP system that integrates interdepartmental processes, sales, purchasing, shipping and accounting staffs have to manually key data into separate systems that fulfill different functions.  With Seasoft, once data has been entered into the system, the software automatically updates the data throughout the entire system, ensuring that employees have access to the most up-to-date information and eliminating manual re-entry of data and the potential for human error.

Benefit from complete Bill of Materials.

The Seasoft Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) Module includes complete Bill of Materials (BOM), Recipe Management and MRP Scheduling. This integrated tool safeguards against purchasing insufficient quantities of an item used in manufacturing, or purchasing the wrong item, so you’re always able to meet tightest customer delivery contracts. What’s more, with Seasoft you’ll never purchase excessive quantities of an item that tie up cash as it remains in inventory.

For each line in the BOM, Seasoft takes into account each of the three distinct steps in preparing a Master Production Schedule (MPS):

  • Exploding– Explosion uses the Bill of Materials (BOM) and lists the quantities of each component that’s needed for each item required to manufacture a batch of finished goods (i.e., part, Work-in-Progress (WIP) and finished product).
  • Netting – Stock on hand is subtracted from the gross requirement determined through the explosion, giving the quantity of each item that will need to be procured to manufacture the required finished product.
  • Offsetting – Takes into account vendor lead times and determines when manufacturing should start so that the finished product is available when required.

Seasoft repeats this process for each level in the BOM to provide accurate requirements and timings to outside suppliers.

Utilize bar code labeling to maximize traceability.

Barcode scanning has been in commercial use for about 40 years and offers a proven solution for keeping track of large amounts of data in a quick and efficient manner. The capture of information from the barcode is efficient and generally error free. Not only does a bar code register the amount that we’re going to pay for an item at the store, it also tracks specific information about that item such as a description, lot information, expiration dates and more.  The data can simply be used to track inventory movement or it can be combined with other business operations such as triggering reorder points.

Seasoft ERP Software uses barcodes to track product as it’s received, processed and moves through the supply chain. Seafood distributors can capture not only the lot tracking information that will facilitate traceability, but also information about the country of origin, method of production and other key information. Using a scanning device, a worker can record product as it is received into inventory, transfer it to production or assign it to a customer order.

Barcodes can be assigned to containers of finished goods, as well as containers used in making a batch of food, and then scanned anywhere in the supply chain to trace the raw material to the batch. With Seasoft, recalls of products are limited to those affected by the specific problem or vendor material lot, saving considerable money that an overly-broad recall would cost.

Seasoft’s barcoded traceability also helps you maintain a system to record and follow the trail of the products.   No more documenting the product history from written records or manually updated spreadsheets. The software automates inventory control by enabling users to scan lot numbers every time inventory is moved or transferred. The important thing is that the lot history is maintained from the time it is received into inventory, through all of the production steps and is completed when product is shipped to a customer.

Lot tracking and the associated paperwork involved to document product history can become a burden to growing businesses.  The requirements for recording simple handwritten lot numbers and spreadsheets that were sufficient when a business was started grow exponentially as volume and production expand.  Seasoft’s automated approach eliminates reams of data that lot tracking generates and offers a significantly more efficient solution.

Increased productivity and efficiency are some of the key side benefits to utilizing barcode scanning to facilitate traceability.  In addition to being able to more easily comply with government regulations, customer demands and recall situations, having automated Enterprise Resource Planning software to manage the captured data allows companies to identify product trends.

Partner with a company that’s committed to your success!

Seasoft’s open, scalable and extensible design easily supports ever-changing data processing, business-specific requirements and best practices. Under our Guarantee against Software Obsolescence’, research and development on advanced features and capabilities is ongoing, and results in the periodic release of new software functionality that sets the standard for this class of ERP software for the seafood processing and distribution industry.


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