Seafood Processing & Distribution Best Practices

Seasoft is end-to-end, fully integrated business management software that centralizes company data, eliminates error-prone, redundant manual processes and helps our clients work more productively and profitably. Here’s the latest software tools to help your business grow:

Multi-location Inventory Visibility & Control 

From receipt of raw materials to the shipment of finished goods, Seasoft’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) helps seafood distributors improve the efficiency and profitability of all aspects of inventory control.  Slash inventory costs with tighter control of stock levels and real-time visibility of every item in your inventory. Seasoft’s powerful inventory control:

  • captures product information at the dock;
  • generates and attaches bar-coded pallet labels;
  • tracks the movement of materials within the warehouse;
  • monitors the flow of product from production floor to shipment verification.

Lot Control & Barcode-enabled Traceability

Seasoft’s traceability module centers on enhanced lot control with barcodes that track bins, containers and packages as they are received, moved through the manufacturing process and distributed to customers. For all shipped outgoing products, Seasoft can identify the sources of the materials back to the received incoming products, saving considerable time and money in the event of a food safety recall while demonstrating compliance with food safety protocols.

24/7 Customer Sales Portal with Mobile Order Entry

Let your restaurant and retail buyers place orders 24/7 on their computer or mobile device. Seasoft’s Sales Portal is an integrated, mobile platform for online ordering that modernizes the procurement process, drives more online and mobile orders and gives your customers what they want—an easier, more convenient way to order from you. Customers can view a product catalog and their order history, build a cart, place orders and request a delivery date. Inventory is automatically updated for real-time accuracy and visibility.

Easy Compliance with Industry Sustainability Programs

Changing seafood industry regulations and tracebility programs can make compliance difficult. Our clients utilize the Seasoft to help them gain full regulatory compliance with many of the major industry standards, including MSC Chain of Custody Standard, Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and British Retail Consortium (BRC). Don’t suffer the consequences of non-compliance.

Business Intelligence Dashboards & Actionable Data

Quickly access critical information to make the most proactive, profitable decisions with Seasoft’s intuitive data reporting and business intelligence tool. You can you view customer, sales, inventory and other key performance indicators (KPI) as intuitive, graphical dashboard objects to help spot business trends, monitor progress toward business goals and diagnose overall organizational health.