Food Connex Production Software for the Food Industry

Experience the Difference of True Production Software

Reduce labor costs while improving inventory tracking and traceability with Food Connex Work Orders, designed to handle all facets of cutting, fabrication and bill of material recipe production.

Food Connex Work Orders is designed specifically for food manufacturing enterprises. This powerful and flexible software helps you:

  • Simplify Production with Easy to Use Work Orders
    At the core of the Food Connex work order system are easy to use recipes and templates that allow for quick and accurate scheduling of raw materials to be used and finished goods to be produced.
  • Monitor Yield Results and Quality with Instant Inquiries
    Reporting and inquiry are available in real-time allowing immediate access to work status and insight into deviation from the expected yield.
  • Record and Recall Traceable Data Automatically
    Traceable data can be recorded as quantities are captured allowing for recall readiness that meets and exceeds government standards.
  • Capture Quantity & Weight with Integrated Scales & Scanners
    Dramatically reduce labor costs while improve inventory accuracy by capturing quantities and weights for materials used and produced directly to the Food Connex system.
  • Produce Professional Serialized Labels with Weights
    Improve product presentation and increase picking and shipping speed by affixing customizable barcoded labels as product is produced.

Food Connex Production & Processing Interface


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