Seafood Forward and Backward Traceability

WHITEPAPER: Traceability Best Practices

Traceability is a requirement for the seafood industry.  Demands for product information, whether driven by regulation, customer demand or consumer interest, has made traceability more than just an annoyance that can be overlooked.  Seafood processors and distributors must be able to record and follow the trail of the products that they sell.

To achieve certification by the Marine Stewardship Council and other leading programs as a reliable source for sustainable seafood, distributors must demonstrate a system that can trace product through the supply chain, specifically where the product originated, how it was labeled and what additives are in it — a process that can be particularly challenging for seafood distributors that source product from distant areas and from overseas, then process it before selling and shipping it out.

Seasoft’s best practices for lot tracking and inventory control make it easy for out clients.

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