Innovating for Today’s Cloud-based Business Environment

At CAI, we’ve been developing innovative business management solutions for more than 40 years. We pride ourselves on ability to develop real tools that help our clients perform their jobs more efficiently and keep them on the cutting edge of business automation technology.

It goes without saying that the cloud (Internet) has had a fundamental impact on personal and business communications. Applications like Facebook and LinkedIn are connecting people like never before.

In business the cloud has revolutionized how companies connect with their customers, employees and business partners. From remote, 24/7 sales order entry and online installation of software apps to social media, the cloud is ubiquitous in business today.

But perhaps the most compelling benefit of the cloud is its role in business mobility. The cloud offers connectivity anywhere you can access the web. At the client’s site, sitting in an airport en-route to a big meeting, or ‘vacationing’ on a warm, sunny island paradise (with wireless Internet connectivity, of course), you have access to business information that can greatly improve decision making and results. Whether it’s selling lumber, seafood or gold necklaces, the trend among our client base is wider adoption of the cloud in their day-to-day operations.

A Company Commitment to the Cloud

A major development thrust for CAI over the past 18 months has been to create ‘mobile versions’ of our ERP software products and to help our clients understand and leverage the tremendous benefits the cloud offers in terms of basic IT infrastructure. The objective: provide clients with 24/7 access to their business management software and mission-critical business systems with enterprise-class security.

  • ERP Software and IT Infrastructure As-a-Service

For companies who want to avoid the capital investment in ERP software, hardware and implementation, the cloud-based implementation of our ERP products offers the same integrated capabilities as our traditional software, but eliminates the complexity and up-front costs of an on-site installation. With the deployment of cloud-based ERP solutions CAI offers our clients signficant savings, better IT services, and a higher level of availability.

We’ve also invested in the latest data center and Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) technologies to enable our clients lower IT support costs and improve the security of their systems.  If your company’s network is self-contained in an on-premise computer room, you’re running the equivalent of your own generator.  And with that comes a load of responsibility. Generators break, they need to be replaced, they run out of fuel, they need to be serviced, and—if demand for power increases—new generators need to be bought and brought online.

Rather than invest in additional infrastructure, servers, application programs and operation systems at their premises, our PAAS enables a business to run in the cloud on highly secure, virtual servers. This eliminates the capital expense and deployment fees associated with a new server (along with the necessary operating system and common applications which typically are re-purchased every time you replace each device). Instead, you transition into an operational expense that is planned, predictable, and budgeted. We handle all maintenance, infrastructure, and repair with a 99.99 percent up-time guarantee. Not only does cloud computing reduce a company’s overall IT expenses, it offers excellent and efficienct disaster recover with data safely stored in secure, remote and redudant data centers instead of an on-premises server room.

  • Leading the Market on Sales Mobility Solutions

CAI has created convenient sales ‘portals’ that elevate sales order processing and customer service to a new level.  The portal lets our clients’ customers interact with their business 24/7 from any Internet-connected PC or tablet. The result: increased sales, fewer errors and improved customer service.

CAI also offers our Mobile Sales Desk (MSD), a convenient tool for sales reps and business owners. This smartphone app provides is proven to improve customer service and help reps close more sales. The MSD app establishes a secure link to the ERP software running in the host server. Reps can access up-to-the-minute  inventory information, including complete product item codes, detailed descriptions, product promotions and on-hand inventory quantity so they always know what’s available for sale.

  • Truck Fleet Route Optimization and GPS Tracking

Integrated within the Ponderosa ERP software and powered by Elite EXTRA’sTM cloud-based dispatch management solution, the Mobile Fleet Manager helps our clients pinpoint delivery times to drive customer service, increase productivity for their dispatchers and drivers, and reduce vehicle and fuel expenses.

  • To Tablets and Beyond

CAI ERP software supports 24×7 remote access on tablet PCs or other mobile devices. Our clients can enjoy the same presentation and performance as using the software on their office PC. Sales representatives can enter orders, confirm product availability and check order status and business owners can access CAI’s integrated Business Intelligence (BI) tool to monitor eal-time key performance indicators (KPIs). The options are unlimited!