For distributors, we help clients deliver product to their customers in the most direct and cost-efficient manner. Ideal for single and multi-location warehousing, our distribution and warehousing software optimize and add visibility to key activities, including detailed in- and outbound logistics, inventory and warehousing management (picking, packing, etc.), transportation, and on-time shipment through improved visibility and real-time management.


Food Production and Distribution

For protein, seafood, wine and spirits, and other food producers and distributors, our production and distribution products help clients streamline workflows, increase labor efficiency, improve job and lot costing, meet industry-wide traceability standards, and remove production bottlenecks while providing real-time actionable insights.



Our manufacturing solutions are designed to help our clients efficiently transform goods and material into new products. Successfully deployed across multiple mid- and enterprise-sized customers globally, our products and services bridge the gap between the shop floor and your ERP, and optimize shop floor performance, data collection, and control by better managing a factory’s people, orders, processes, and machines. We can help you achieve measurable improvements in quality, cost, and delivery time.


Precious Metals Refining, Recycling and Manufacturing

Our industry-leading software and services are designed specifically to handle the complexities of precious metals smelting, refining, inventory management, and transaction settlement. These purpose-built tools help you work more efficiently, improve inventory accuracy and traceability, and add real-time visibility to performance data.