Lot Tracking, Control and Costing

For seafood processors, lot control and lot costing are essential to traceability compliance and profitable margins.

Seasoft’s lot tracking, control and costing lets you easily manage inventory at the lot level. By assigning a unique lot number as product is received or being manufactured, you can quickly:

  • Report on profitability and cost by lot
  • Monitor inventory aging and expiration dates
  • Communicate to the warehouse which lot to pull for delivery
  • Record additional lot-specific information such as shellfish tag numbers, country of origin, or grading information
  • Track original quantity received, amounts left in stock, and destination of all quantities sold or used

Fast Inventory Queries by Lot

Perform fast inventory queries by lot for quick views on quantities remaining in stock, lot-specific information such as freeze, expiration, or best-buy dates, and lot cost information.

Complete Lot Control

During sales order entry, easily pre-allocate product based on the oldest lot remaining in stock, or manually allocate lots based on customer preferences, product attributes, or costing.

Detailed Sales Analysis Reporting

Lot tracking and costing works within the same inventory structure as non-lot items allowing sales analysis reports to offer insight into profitability compared to a rolling average inventory cost calculation, market cost at time of sale, or the lot cost associated with the product at time of that product’s receipt.

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