PM Refining: Refine Your Business

As a proud sponsor of the International Precious Metals Institute’s 44th Annual Conference, CAI Software invites you to visit us at this first-of-its-kind virtual event.

Discover how our industry leading business solutions can help improve your productivity and profitably.

CAI Software’s solutions are the software-of-choice for leading precious metals refiners, smelters and other businesses around the world, providing secure, always-connected data to improve decision making and drive higher profits.

Our suite of intuitive, easy-to-use tools:

  • improve refining and assay management
  • increase metals inventory control and visibility
  • streamline alloy manufacturing
  • simplify hedge management
  • maximize contracts and settlements
  • integrate accounting and financial reporting
  • provide an audit trail of all transactions to improve credibility with customers, vendors and trading partners

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