Ponderosa – Millwork Production Software a Cut Above

Ponderosa – Millwork Production Software That’s a Cut Above

Is your production process tightly integrated with your core ERP software?  If not, you’re leaking money every day.

Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all software based on a legacy point of sale and kitting solution that doesn’t offer the level of manufacturing control, production visibility and customer service you need.  Get up-to-the-minute information on orders throughout the production process to point of delivery with Ponderosa.

We’ve been providing millwork solutions for almost 40 years.  Our unique, industry best Millwork Product Configurator (ProCon) is used by major producers like Bayer Built, Dyke Industries, Milliken Millwork, North Atlantic Corp. and other leading companies to track detailed costs of production for a true picture of margins and offer responsive service that drives repeat sales.

Streamline the manufacturing of built-up interior and exterior doors, window units, stair systems, moulding, and any other building material that is manufactured, remanufactured or assembled, and significantly reduce manufacturing time.

Find out how Ponderosa’s production tools can help:

  • Improve production scheduling by factoring in product lead times and shop capacity
  • Reduce costs and increase on-time, complete shipments
  • Provide real-time, company-wide visibility into production and customer delivery status
  • Prevent errors with a true Product Configurator that only makes the correct selections possible
  • Increase inventory accuracy and turns

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