Ponderosa More Than Mouldings

Ponderosa Millwork Software

Doing More than Just Mouldings?

There is a real difference in Millwork Software. To be their best, sophisticated shops need sophisticated software.

With its roots firmly planted in the LBM market for more than 40 years, Ponderosa Software is well suited to a retail-oriented LBM business, but it’s dealers with manufacturing operations that harness the full power of the system, including up-to-the-minute information on orders throughout the production process to Point of Delivery.

While other software vendors claim to do ‘manufacturing’, only Ponderosa Software with its graphical, easy-to-use Millwork Product Configurator (ProCon) lets you price, cost and set-up millwork units, including Special Order items, without the headache of maintaining numerous, cumbersome Bill of Materials or kits. With other ‘millwork’ solutions, if a single component, like a hinge changes, the entire kit must be manually updated, re-costed and repriced, wasting time and money and resulting in possible errors.

Moreover, if your production process is not tightly integrated with your core ERP system, you are leaking money every day. The tight integration of the Ponderosa Point of Sale, Inventory, Production, Delivery, Installed Sales, Back Office, CRM and Warehouse Management modules can turn your millwork business into a well-oiled machine.

Define and track the manufacturing of built-up millwork units.

Available also via an online Sales Portal, Ponderosa’s ProCon and Production Scheduler let you define and track the manufacturing of built-up interior and exterior doors, window units, stair systems, and any other building material that is manufactured. These proven tools streamline manufacturing processes in the most efficient way possible, reducing manufacturing time by as much as 30% and helping you continually meet committed delivery dates to build stronger customer relationships and cement loyalty.

Let your customers place orders 24/7.

Ponderosa Software’s web-based Sales Portal and its Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) tool present selections for entry and interior door systems, windows, and other millwork products as high-resolution images. If someone is interested in a custom entry door, they simply select, view and price their desired door slab type, sidelights, transom, exterior trim and other options to fit their project—without having to wait for your customer service department to open! Choices are quick and logical with only logical, compatible components presented, eliminating the potential of costly returns and rebuilds.

The Sales Portal is integrated with most major door and window manufacturers’ online product configurators, so as a dealer, you can add trim packages and other upsell components, with no double entry of data. This eliminates errors caused by re-keying and manual re-costing and reduces the time spent creating quotes.

The Industry’s Number 1 Choice for Integrated Millwork Business Software.

The Ponderosa Millwork Software is a fully integrated, Windows‐based millwork manufacturing and distribution software solution, developed in conjunction with an advisory group of millwork clients, and continually enhanced with state‐of-the‐art technology and industry best practices. Ponderosa consolidates critical information—from all areas of your business—to provide the industry’s most comprehensive computer information solution for millwork jobbers and door and window manufacturers.

Whether you’re a one-step millwork business that sells primarily to builders and contractors or a two-step distributor servicing mostly dealers and retailers, the Ponderosa Millwork Software is loaded with features that give you better control and help you reduce operating costs across your entire business. And our service and support is tops!

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