Ponderosa Payments

Ponderosa Pay® is a fully compliant payments engine for simple, secure, and reliable processing of all major payment methods. With Ponderosa Pay, LBM dealers and distributors can offer their customers the flexibility and convenience to pay with a credit card (both in-store and card-present and card-not-present scenarios), a debit card, or via an ACH payment.

Simple, Secure and Reliable Payment Processing

Ponderosa Pay provides simple, secure, and reliable payment processing along with the industry’s most innovative payment technology. Ponderosa Pay’s distinctive advantage is that we can automatically include Level 2 and Level 3 data with each transaction, so that you qualify for the lowest possible interchange rate every time.  Or, if you prefer, you can lock in a flat, guaranteed interchange rate on every transaction, potentially saving thousands of dollars.

Retail and pro customers simply access our customer’s secure, fully branded website where they can build out products (including window and door configurations), submit quotes, place orders, check order status, make payments, view A/R balances and much more — from anywhere, any time. Ponderosa Pay streamlines the order and procurement process for your pro customers and drives increased sales.

Ponderosa Pay provides an array of features that streamline payments:

  • Easily process debit and credit payments for a low flat rate
  • Simplify payments, charge customer credit cards, collect funds and update A/R quickly and easily
  • Accept all major credit cards and offer customers flexibility to pay how they want
  • Provide customers a one-stop, easy-to-use way to make payments, review past billing and payment history, and see up-to-date balance information on all open accounts from anywhere, any time
  • Save money by reducing interchange fees on card transactions
  • Enhance cash flow, eliminate the worry about delayed payments or bad checks, and reduce time spent on collections
  • Automatically charge credit cards at accounts receivable, order entry or invoicing
  • Store customers’ regularly used credit cards using tokenization, saving you from storing sensitive credit card numbers
  • Improve auditing controls and record keeping

Cloud-based Solution Maximizes Availability, Online Adoption

A cloud-based application, Ponderosa Pay provides a robust electronic bill payment solution that offers a consistent user experience and requires minimal maintenance. Your customers can review bill history and payment history for recent and past bills.

You can offer consistent rates for your customers with a flexible fee structure and no subscription or licensing costs — whether you pass the fees along or absorb them. By providing a convenient, one-stop online location for all payments, you can expedite reconciliation of payment activity and maximize electronic payment adoption by letting payers:

  • Create an online account tied directly to their Ponderosa customer account
  • Exercise tight administrative control over who is authorized to make payments

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Level 3 PCI/PA-DSS compliant
  • PCI-Validated Security, P2PE and tokenization secure sensitive cardholder data for the ultimate data breach protection
  • Review payment details with administrative transaction and reconciliation tools
  • Save on mailing costs with paperless bill options
  • Update payments in real-time to your customer accounts
  • Easily brand your portal with logos and relevant content
  • Provide custom payer notifications and receipt text
  • Email delivery of receipts
  • Customer service and troubleshooting by a dedicated team of e-payment professionals

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