Ponderosa – Millwork Production Software

LBM software without a fully integrated product configurator and production scheduler can cause missed shipping dates, inefficient inventory management and excessive effort tracking down orders for shipment.

Ponderosa, from CAI Software, is different.

As the premier provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to the millwork industry, our purpose-built tools have helped building materials manufacturers, dealers and distributors work more efficiently, accurately and profitably for more than thirty years. Today our best-in-class millwork software is used by industry leaders Bayer Built, Cleary Millwork, Dyke Industries and many others to:

  • maximize customer service to drive repeat sales
  • reduce costs and increase on-time, complete shipments
  • streamline the manufacturing of built-up interior and exterior doors, window units, stair systems and any other building material that is manufactured, remanufactured or assembled
  • track detailed costs of production for an accurate picture of margins
  • improve production scheduling and reduce manufacturing time
  • provide real-time, company-wide visibility into production and customer delivery status
  • prevent errors with a true Product Configurator that makes only the correct selections possible

Get the software built for production.

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