Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our industry-specific ERP solutions help clients manage and optimize day-to-day business activities, including accounting, procurement, inventory, supply chain operations and sales order entry. Collect, store, manage, and interpret data from many activities in a single, common database, for a real-time view of core business processes.


Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

ShopVue is the leading manufacturing execution system (MES) software for mid- and enterprise-sized manufacturers. ShopVue bridges the gap between the shop floor and your ERP, and optimizes shop floor performance, data collection and control by managing a factory’s people, orders, processes and machines.


eCommerce EDI

Our eCommerce EDI solutions efficiently exchange business documents in an electronic format between our clients and their more than 1,600 trading partners. Purchase orders (PO), invoices, ship notices (ASN) and other essential documents are fully automated to save time and cost associated with manual data entry, eliminating the need to mail, fax, and manually process documents.


Process Automation

For distributors, warehouses, manufacturers and local governments/public works, the Endeavor Process Automation software platform can measurably reduce costs, while improving inventory accuracy, compliance, and on-time shipment performance. These easy-to-use, configurable tools bridge gaps between ERP, MES and WMS systems to streamline workflows, increase labor efficiency, add visibility to performance data and provide actionable insights, while removing production bottlenecks.


Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

Our Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are designed to be flexible and cost-effective, integrating with leading ERP business systems with full support for industry-specific warehouse operations and supply chain management. These user-friendly, menu-driven software solutions enhance warehouse profitability and inventory management by decreasing inventory levels, improving order fulfillment, reducing order cycle time, and maximizing productivity.


Other Products

We offer a host of complementary products and services to our customers, including an integrated document management system, fully managed IT and business infrastructure support programs, and more.