CAI offers intuitive and flexible business solutions that help today’s mid-market manufacturers and distributors achieve greater operational efficiency and profitability through seamless integration of business processes on an enterprise-wide level. Since 1978, CAI has been dedicated to providing leading-edge software and hardware solutions that truly add value to their business. CAI’s enterprise solutions are designed to deliver superior functionality, rapid implementation, high levels of usability and a technology standard that is unmatched in the industry.

Today, we are recognized as a national leader in the delivery of quality Microsoft Windows-based, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software products and services across a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial markets, including:

Fast Return on Investment

CAI’s ERP solutions regularly provide solid, measurable financial benefit within the first year after implementation. Customer satisfaction increases based on reduced inventory carrying costs, improved on-time delivery, increased quality, shortened delivery times, and better planning, tracking and forecasting of requirements. Visibility into how to best schedule the shop floor minimizes downtime. And, while the industry average cost for ERP implementation can run two to three times the cost of the software, CAI ERP implementation costs are most often much less. All of these factor favorably to a fast ROI on your investment.Today, we are recognized as a national leader in the delivery of quality Microsoft Windows-based, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software products and services across a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial markets, including:

Rapid Implementations

CAI provides the people, processes and tools necessary for a well-executed implementation. Our time-tested implementation process, together with training and other aids, helps get your system and employees up and running in record time. Many of our customers implement the system in as little as ninety days.

We attribute this to several factors:

  • The flexibility of the product
  • The consulting services and training provided by Intuitive
  • An intuitive interface that makes the product easy for your employees to learn and use
  • Our Microsoft-based technology infrastructure
  • Extensive implementation documentation
  • Proven implementation planning guides
  • Ease of customization / modification of the system

On-site and On-demand (SaaS) Deployments

For businesses that want to obtain the full benefits of the CAI’s ERP software solutions with lower initial costs, Computer Associates offers a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) on-demand model. Under the SaaS model, we host the ERP application for use by our clients over the Internet. By using the ERP solutions as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), CAI provides the integrated manufacturing and accounting tools featured in our traditional, on-site ERP solutions without the complexity of an on-site installation. There’s no software to install or hardware to set-up. You gain all the benefits of full-featured ERP software without the more complex IT requirements.

CAI SaaS implementations feature a pay-as-you-go monthly subscription fee that provides many distinct benefits over traditional on-site deployments. With no software to purchase and no lengthy implementation to endure, your company will be up and running on the CAI system in a short time with little up-front expense.

  • Cost-Efficient – The system is upgraded, maintained and supported by CAI, so there’s no need to invest in expensive network infrastructure. There is no up-front software investment and ongoing expenses are predictable.
  • Accessible – Since the software is web-based, SaaS solutions are ideal for companies with distributed business operations. System users at remote divisions or supply chain partner sites can log into the system safely and securely from wherever they access the Internet.
  • Secure – CAI provides a level of protection that’s hard to achieve in a stand-alone ERP deployment. We’re experts with highly skilled networking personnel, stand-by power, and up-to-date security infrastructure. Your data is backed up religiously, and network redundancies ensure continuous service.
  • Flexible – CAI ERP solutions can be deployed to the entire organization, a single division or single user. You pay as you go, and as your organization grows you simply add more users as needed.

Business Consulting

CAI is a dynamic, full-service technology consulting and systems integration firm. We are an innovative, market-responsive organization focused on helping clients solve the challenges of an ever-changing technology landscape. CAI has succeeded in delivering solutions that increase the productivity and profitability of our client operations.

More Than Just Software

In addition to our comprehensive suite of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, CAI also provides a full array of hardware and network platform services that let you realize the benefits of one-stop shopping and what it means to have a single partner for all your business requirements. Click here for CAI’s full suite of Infrastructure Services.