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Ponderosa & DataView Help Dealers Supply & Lumber Eliminate Inefficiencies in Document and Email Management

Smithfield, Rhode Island (July 20, 2020) – CAI Software, LLC, (“CAI” or “CAI Software”) a leader in the delivery of mission-critical enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution systems (MES) and services, today announced that Dealers Supply & Lumber Co. LLC is using CAI Software’s Ponderosa enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and DataView Document Management System to optimize its document and email management.

Dealers Supply has used CAI Software’s Ponderosa for more than 15 years to operate more efficiently and profitably. However, in March 2018, it had become increasingly apparent that the company’s legacy, stand-alone document management system has outlived its usefulness and was costing the company more and more. To address the problem, Dealers Supply turned to CAI Software’s DataView document management system.

Will Sykes, co-owner for Dealers Supply said, “We were experiencing lots of issues with just getting documents scanned in a timely manner. We had to manually scan in each individual document because the document management system was not integrated with our ERP software. It was worse for trying to include critical customer email correspondence, forcing us to print out every message and attachment and scan them to the appropriate location, an incredibly tedious, but necessary task. We knew that the tight integration between our Ponderosa ERP software and the document management system would solve most of our issues.”

Within 90 days, the DataView software was installed and the system was up and running, working seamlessly with the Ponderosa ERP software and helping Dealers Supply work faster, more accurately, reduce costs, and provide the top-notch service they strived for.

Sykes added “The biggest beneficiary of the integrated document scanning has been our sales office. One of the absolute best things about DataView, and a feature that we have been using since our go-live, is the ability to easily import both emails and their attachments when we’re working on special orders, dealing with issues after the sales or corresponding with customers. In the two years that we’ve been using the DataView system, we’ve stored in excess of 230,000 documents. I’d estimate at least 10 percent of those documents being email correspondence between our sales people and their customers. Sykes added.

DataView lets Dealers Supply’s back office team easily store, manage and track electronic documents and images, and automatically indexes and stores all system-generated ERP transactions with related transactional detail in DataView. Convenient, easy-to-use importing, scanning and indexing makes it easy to import and access data at any time, from anywhere, on an enterprise-wide basis.

About Dealers Supply & Lumber Co.

Dealers Supply & Lumber Co., Inc. manufactures and distributes a full line of wood, fiberglass & steel doors, plus a variety of wood, composite, clad and vinyl windows, as well as columns, shutters, and many other millwork items. The company and its energy efficient VictorBilt products are widely accepted and recognized as industry leaders in the Southeast. Originally introduced in 1944, VictorBilt windows set a standard of craftsmanship that ran through all of our products, and this commitment to quality is essential to VictorBilt’s growth and success. Today, the VictorBilt brand is known to represent quality, style and value throughout the Southeast.

About DataView

The DataView document management platform makes it easy to quickly store, search and access any type of electronic document. DataView enables companies of all sizes in multiple industries to decrease the labor cost associated with document management by automating the entire process. Any digital document associated with any transaction is automatically created by the DataView system—or can be easily scanned in. With DataView, customer documents are literally at your fingertips.

About CAI Software, LLC

CAI Software, LLC is a leader in the delivery of mission-critical, production-oriented enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution systems (MES) and services to leading companies in select vertical markets, including building materials, food processing, precious metals and discrete manufacturing.

CAI Software’s ERP solutions automate key production, distribution and financial processes, help meet fluctuating customer requirements, increase productivity and maximize bottom-line profit. Our flagship MES solution — ShopVue — is a modular, operator-friendly system enabling mid-to-enterprise-sized discrete manufacturers to better manage their people, processes, orders, and machines. ShopVue customers achieve measurable improvements in quality, cost and delivery time. CAI Software is headquartered in Rhode Island, USA. For more information, please visit

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