What is Electronic Document Management?

An electronic document management system lets you store, manage and track electronic documents and images throughout your organization and facilitates information flow to all users. The system incorporates document and content capture through indexing electronic documents, scanning and user import of documents. Documents created inside the company can be stored as well as documents from outside of the organization, and users can securely access the documents across the company.

Benefits of Electronic Document Management

Documents are one of the most important requirements for any business, all users in an organization deal with multiple documents on a daily basis. The benefits to using document management include:

  • Centralized storage of documents
  • Organization and management of documents
  • Security and access control
  • Audit access to documents
  • Ability to access documents from multiple locations
  • Automated indexing of electronic documents
  • Barcode and OCR import of scanned documents
  • Allow the users to easily search for all required documents
  • Link related documents across departments
  • Allow backup and disaster recovery solutions for business-critical documents
  • Retention policies can be put in place to ensure the organization has all required documents
  • Allow reporting on the documents and data
  • Reducing the reliance of paper documents
  • Save time filing and retrieving documents

Document Management System Components

Many documents today are created and shared as electronic documents. Scanning is one component of an electronic document management system; this component allows users to turn paper documents into electronic documents.

A second component is the import feature. This allows users to import digital documents directly into the document management system using drag and drop or a file browser interface.

The third component is the automated import process that allows documents created inside your company to be routed and stored automatically using data on the documents. An email inbox can be configured to allow users to send emails to store documents in the system using tags in the subject line or data on the documents in the email. The system can also access network or internet-based locations to import documents from other systems or outside sources and act as a network printer to capture documents that are printed from other systems.

Allowing easy access to information across your site saves time for your users, allows better customer service and saves money when users can easily find the information that they require to do their job.