DataView Overview

The DataView Document Management system, from CAI Software, makes it easy to store, search and access any type of electronic document, including emails. DataView helps businesses improve productivity, standardize operations, reduce costs and secure their company’s data.

DataView helps reduce dependency on remote locations or branches, and improves customer service by storing your documents and data in a central repository, or electronic ‘file cabinet’.  Eliminate missing, incomplete information, improve efficiency in data verification and document security and avoid loopholes that inevitably impact profitability.

As documents are scanned, the digital image is instantly stored and linked to related documents and data transactions in the DataView system, and can be rapidly accessed at any time, from anywhere, on an enterprise-wide basis. Automated processes for importing, scanning and indexing make DataView the fastest option for storing and locating documents.

DataView helps significantly reduce the overhead associated with handling information and ensures your audit trail is secure and complete. Avoid the unnecessary duplication of documents, save on paper and storage for files and reduce human error. The time that personnel spent filing and searching for paper copies is instantly freed up to pursue more effective ways to grow your business.

DataView Features

Electronically capture, file, and store Microsoft Word documents (.doc), emails, spreadsheets (.xls), .pdf customer statements, pictures and documents, system reports, electronic customer signatures, etc. in a secure digital repository.

Automated processes can be setup to create folders and import electronically generated documents, eliminating the need to manually index documents that can be sent directly to the system electronically. The DataView server includes a secure, time-stamped audit trail that lets authorized users view past versions of your electronic records.

Users have no means of bypassing or modifying the audit trail.

Automatically barcode and index (sort) documents into the correct “drawer” and folder based on the transaction type and other variables.

Quickly import and sort electronically generated, scanned, or emailed documents across a network and access them on-demand with security authorization.

Locate customer statements, purchase orders, acknowledgements, delivery receipts, check runs, etc. in seconds and improve the accuracy and quality of your customer service. Documents can be instantly accessed from any PC, across a LAN, WAN, or via the Internet.

Save on storage, paper, and labor spent filing and retrieving information. Simplify compliance with government regulations and ensure successful audits.

DataView’s convenient Web Link lets you securely retrieve documents and reports over the Internet. Customers can log into your website to access invoices and acknowledgements on-demand, saving you printer toner and postage costs, and time spent responding to inquiries.

Documents, including emails and their attachments can be imported into DataView using a monitored email account that users can send documents to.

Restrict access to documents according to document type, view-only access, or user clearance. Image dating technology virtually eliminates any possibility of altering documents without detection.

DataView’s Audit Reports help you satisfy compliance with Sarbanes Oxley regulations and HIPAA by recording information each time a record is reviewed or modified. Users have no means of bypassing or modifying the audit trail.

Distribute Reports with Ease

The DataView Report Generator enables you to create reports from documents stored in DataView. DataView includes several pre-defined reports, which are useful for identifying missing documents, and can produce alerts for expiring documents. CAI’s industry experts are available to customize reports for your operation. Reports are usually run as scheduled tasks and can be automatically distributed.

Boost Your Bottom Line

The DataView Document Management System can be deployed in days rather than weeks by expert CAI Business Consultants. Integration is seamless and customizations for your specific business needs are addressed without major programming modifications. The solution is engineered to enhance productivity and avoid disruption to your existing infrastructure, and is extensible to handle future business growth, eliminating system upgrades or enhancements. Storage formats guarantee future accessibility and accommodation of evolving storage standards. Take advantage of a paperless office and build profitability!