Professional Services

CAI offers a range of services to ensure that your DataView deployment and user experience is the absolute best it can be.

We’ll work with you and all stakeholders in your organization to understand each department’s unique document management requirements, challenges, future objectives and available hardware and equipment, and then configure DataView to efficiently and consistently perform in your environment.

Record Retention & Disposal

A fully automated Record Retention and Disposal Policy ensures that documents that are no longer needed or of value are discarded on an established schedule. A properly devised policy provides compliance with local, state and federal laws, and helps your employees fully understand their obligations in retaining electronic documents.

Depending on your business and industry, different document types have different retention requirements. Accounting and finance-related documents like accounts payable ledgers, annual audit reports and financial statements, for example, are typically retained for up to seven years. All electronic documents, including Microsoft Office Suite and PDF files, e-mails from internal or external sources and corporate records like signed minutes of the Board, bylaws and annual financial reports should all have a specific Record Retention and Disposal Policy too.

DataView can help. We’ll work with you to review your document types, setup appropriate record categories based on type and date, and configure a fully automated, document-specific retention and destruction process and schedule.  Retention periods can be set for each document type, and the system can be configured to delete empty folders once all of the documents in the folder are deleted. Documents that are deleted remain on the system until a physical purge process is run on the DataView document management system.

We can also create a disaster recovery plan that automatically runs on a regular schedule and ensures that all required documents are stored in DataView. Reports can show the amount of data for each type of document stored in the system and identify which users have access to the data in the system.

Data Conversion

Already have a document management system in place? CAI can easily convert data from several input formats, such as AFP, IPDS, or PCL to PDF format to enable document viewing and printing to any laser printer. We can also configure DataView to send the converted data to clients or partners via email, fax, or the web.

Here are some of the popular print streams we can convert to PDF:

• AFP, Advanced Function Presentation (IBM)
• IPDS, Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IBM)
• SCS, SNA Character Stream (IBM)
• PCL, Printer Command Language (Hewlett-Packard)
• Postscript (Adobe Systems)
• PDF, Portable Document Format (Adobe Systems)

CAI has converted data from many legacy imaging systems, including Docstar, Image IT, Mofox, Filemark and FileTrax.

Electronic Lockbox Import

Let us configure DataView to enable your bank or financial institution to securely deposit checks directly into your account and then send images of checks to you after each deposit.  Each time a check is deposited, DataView’s Electronic LockBox automatically receives payment information. Transactions are automated through a CD or an FTP Update with PGP Encryption and postings are always 100% accurate because manual intervention is eliminated

Reduce your dependency on a specific billing office, minimize the occurrence of payment posting errors and reduce paper storage costs.

Report Mining

DataView’s powerful Report Mining automates the creation of customized reports, spreadsheets, databases or word processing documents by extracting data from your computer-generated reports. You can use a host of applications, including Monarch, Java Application, Crystal Reports, Access, Excel and Visual Basic.

Data can be sorted, filtered, and formatted as desired, with sorting and report templates can be stored for future use. All information is held in a SQL-compliant database to facilitate improved customer care.

Launch external applications, update databases with report data and eliminate re-keying through use of automated extractions.

Data Conversion Services: AFP/IPDS & EDI

CAI can convert data from IBM’s Host Output AFP (Advanced Function Presentation) and IPDS (Intelligent Printer Data Stream) formats. Documents in this format can be converted to PDF and stored in DataView automatically when generated.

CAI can also convert EDI data streams, in multiple formats, from your customers or vendors to either PDF or a text representation of the data. You can easily view the data as a document rather than as a compressed stream, and the documents can be indexed into DataView automatically each time an EDI transfer is sent.

Barcode Development

CAI can work with you to add barcodes to any documents from your existing system. Barcodes are proven to be the most accurate and intelligent way to file and recall scanned documents. We’ll work closely with you to determine your unique bar-code label specifications.

Documents can be scanned in, with barcodes, by DataView’s automated document indexing. This requires no human intervention making it the fastest option for storing documents.

• Accelerate your filing of company paperwork
• Eliminate typos, misread names or transposed numbers
• Minimizes keying errors, saves on manpower