Food Connex Overview



Innovative Software for the Food Industry

Food Connex for food processors and distrbutors is a trusted, proven software solution for small to medium food processing and distribution businees. Our customers feel confident that we understand the ins and outs of operational and management challenges facing their organizations.

What We Do:

Food Connex provides “No-Nonsense” yet innovative, food software solutions and support services to processors and distributors of all sizes and shapes. Our customers, located throughout the United States, range from full-line distributors to distributors and processors who specialize in all types of meat, poultry, seafood, produce, dairy, grocery and specialty items.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers and are confident in our ability to continuously support their growing business needs today and in the future.

We recently introduced new production tools designed to reduce labor costs and improve inventory tracking and traceability. Learn more.

How We Do It:

Food Connex is comprised of several solutions developed for the food distribution and processing industries. These solutions are powered by the Progress database and feature cloud-based utilities that integrate with QuickBooks and applications for handheld RF devices.


To Learn More:

Visit the Food Connex website at to see if this proven business management solution is the right choice for your business.