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CAI Software Simplifies Network Document Scanning, Indexing and Storage

September 17, 2019 — CAI Software, LLC today announced several major enhancements to its popular DataView document management platform. The enhancements automate network document and email scanning and management, increase employee collaboration and improve the overall usability of the DataView solution.

The enhancements streamline network document processing by letting users easily import paper and digital documents⎯as well as emails and their attachments⎯using the latest network-attached Multifunction Peripheral (MFP) scanners, network document scanners and fax servers. This saves significant time and money and minimizes errors by eliminating the need to manually organize scanned documents.

James Bubnikowicz of CAI Software said, “We continue to develop the DataView solution to meet the changing needs of our customers. Even as networked scanning devices and MFPs are expanding in functionality, they’re becoming increasingly cost-effective for organizations of all sizes. The network-ready enhancements to DataView are the culmination of a year-long process of speaking with customers to understand their current and future document management requirements and bringing these convenient, time-saving capabilities to bear on their business.”

To scan a document to a network location, users simply select the document type (i.e. invoices, delivery tickets, etc.) on the device and DataView’s intelligent Netscan Transfer tool automatically saves it to the appropriate network directory. Alternatively, the scanned document can be delivered to a monitored directory and indexed by DataView’s Auto-Indexer which reads the barcode value or uses OCR on the document to determine the network destination. At regularly intervals, DataView checks the monitored directory and stores the documents in the appropriate network location.

“We work with each customer to outfit their network scanner with a ‘smart button’ that lets users import documents using the same rules that can be used with scanners attached to local machines, but can be utilized by a group of users rather than using a scanner that’s attached to a single station,” Bubnikowicz said. “This enables them to fully leverage the capabilities of the device to enhance collaboration across functional groups.”

CAI also announced a new Email Import tool that provides an organized, systematic approach to managing email documents. Text and HTML-based email messages and their attachments are sent to a dedicated email account. DataView periodically checks the email server, reads values in the inbox, links email messages to its attachments, and indexes and stores them as separate, individual documents.

Sending files in via email eliminates the need to print the documents and then scan them to DataView or drag/drop the attachments into the system, and it ensures that the email communications become part of the customer record.

“We have developed an air-tight system that treats email messages like any other office document,” Bubnikowicz said. “These latest enhancements really simplify the way businesses archive critical documents and maintain a complete audit trail of every customer communication.”

Another enhancement to the DataView platform, the new Mobile Forms simplifies off-line data collection and management. Users can use their tablet or smartphone to create checklists and forms, collect signatures, gather customer data, and automate day-to-day tasks with convenient digital forms templates that can be quickly customized fit your specific data collection needs and then automatically uploaded to DataView for fast future reference.

About DataView

The DataView document management platform makes it easy to quickly store, search and access any type of electronic document. DataView helps companies of all sizes across multiple industries to decrease the labor costs associated with document management by automating the entire process. Every document associated with every transaction is automatically created by the DataView system—or can be easily scanned in. With DataView, customer documents are literally at your fingertips.

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