Deployment Options

The JMAS ERP software is a progressive suite of industry-specific software designed and built using sophisticated and powerful program development techniques. The software can be implemented on-site (server-based) or as an on-demand, web-based (Software-as-a-Service) application hosted at Computer Associates’ secure data center.

On-site Server Configuration

Our IT consultants will work with you to recommend a properly configured Windows-based network server for your JMAS software. We have reseller relationships with IBM, HP and other national computer systems distributors and maintain a staff of fully trained and qualified Microsoft engineers who will properly set-up, install and thoroughly test the server to meet your company’s unique requirements.

Cloud-based Configuration

For companies who want to integrate their business without making a capital investment in ERP software, hardware and implementation, JMAS in the cloud is the perfect solution. JMAS’ cloud-based implementation provides the integrated processing, inventory control, distribution, sales management and financial tools featured in our traditional software without the complexity and up-front costs of an on-site installation.

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