Feature Set

JMAS jewelry software is a true ERP computer software solution designed to run in concert with the industry standard Microsoft Windows Server 2012 operating system with the main focus of helping clients within the jewelry manufacturing and distribution industries meet the unique challenges of weight-based, commodity-priced products where precious metal yields, lot control, toll accounting, memo billing, bar coding, imaging, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and multiple warehouse and multi-corporation locations are of paramount importance.

Key functionality within JMAS represent practical, yet advanced, software processes developed through years of ongoing development specifically to provide clients with the necessary information to effectively and efficiently manage their business and make strategic, profitable decisions.

Sales Features

Drive your sales with more precision and at a lower cost. JMAS’ powerful contact management capabilities maximize sales efficiency by providing a central launch pad for your sales team. Convenient, well-thought-out tools provide your reps with simple, on-demand access to the critical information they need to make the most profitable decisions and close more business.

JMAS provides a suite of new tools to help track contacts, prospects, sales opportunities, quotes and orders, even enter new orders, at the click of a button. A comprehensive Order Guide provides a detailed view of each customer’s purchasing patterns. This data can be analyzed to spot changes in customer activity that can be adversely affecting revenue. The software also provides a quick view of each customer’s credit information, A/R detail, open orders and complete invoice history.

Operating your retail POS has never been easier. JMAS provides complete control at the register for cash, checks, and credit cards. You get transaction posting, deposit and quote tracking, scheduled deliveries, credit issues, payment processing on account and, most important of all, rapid checkouts – all from one simple menu. Just enter your customer’s name and address at the POS and JMAS maintains historical data like transaction details, total purchases to date and more. This information is helpful when verifying payments on previous purchases, controlling product returns or monitoring pricing discounts. You can choose from a range of supported POS devices, touch screens, barcode and magnetic card readers.

For sales managers, JMAS provides a high-level view of open and closed sales opportunities. You can quickly determine salesperson goal achievement and statistical analysis and see how each rep is performing this week, this month, over the same period as previous year or other comparative metrics. Built-in Activity Analysis features provide classic sales pipeline information such as sales conversion rates, close probability and other informational charts.

JMAS’ Sales Extractor is a powerful tool for sales managers. The Sales Extractor lets you generate sales analysis reports by accessing pertinent sales data from the JMAS database. You can generate ad hoc reports on-the-fly, and can produce detailed sales reports by customer, product code, gross profit, region, salesperson and other essential criteria. Get a more in-depth view into your sales operations with JMAS.

JMAS’ inventory management solution lets you assign different prices for different types of customers. You can also assign different prices for wholesale, retail or online sales.

When a customer calls in with an order, you want to be able to record the order accurately and deliver it right the first time. CAI’s jewelry software automates order entry, invoicing, back-orders, and handling of assortments and distribution orders. You get a complete order processing system that ensures that orders are recorded accurately, that the goods are shipped right the first time, and that orders are invoiced promptly.

Receive orders from trading partners and respond with fully compliant acknowledgements and invoices electronically. CAI software eliminates manual data entry and has been customized to meet most large retailers’ EDI requirements.

Create memorandum invoices for products shipped on consignment or finished goods samples to be returned or invoiced at a later date. Automatically invoice customers for consigned merchandise after it is sold. Inquiry capabilities by item, customer or aging let you quickly review the quantity of items on memo, quantity returned and quantity billed to date.

Save significant time and ensure the accuracy of your cost estimates. Define different stone and metal qualities for a specific product style and generate a complete components list with cost and sell prices. Quickly examine a range of “what if” scenarios with or without costs.

Inventory/Production Features

Eliminate the need (and overhead) of warehouse facilities and staff and automate purchase order management. JMAS lets you maintain required inventory stocking levels via a third-party fulfillment center, and provides a ‘just-in-time’ inventory solution that meets your retail trading partners’ rigorous requirements. Keep your customers satisfied and minimize inventory and warehouse costs.

JMAS’ powerful new Pick-to-Scan module significantly reduces product shortages and overages. Using a handheld scanner, warehouse packers can scan a bar code on the sales order as well as each item as it is boxed. This enhanced module provides a quick and accurate account of items that have been boxed and which items are back-ordered, out-of-stock or discontinued. In addition, packers can immediately create shipping labels and UCC labels using this fully integrated solution. Optimize warehouse operations, reduce errors and maximize customer satisfaction with JMAS.

Manage your daily delivery operations more efficiently. CAI’s Order Delivery Tracking System (ODT) is a flexible, user-friendly and intuitive solution that provides accurate delivery and scheduling information to dispatch, sales, and management organizations. This eliminates the need to call the dispatch office to determine delivery status. Additionally, the system’s integrated GPS tracking technology and wide variety of available black box and fixed mount vehicle options provide real-time tracking and management of their mobile resources, and lets dispatchers coordinate order combination, routing and fleet tracking to get the most out of their delivery operations.

In today’s industrial and commercial production and processing environments, computers get dirty, washed down, shaken up and generally abused. JMAS is fully compatible with ToughStation computers from Digital Dynamics, a leading provider of rugged computing solutions for industrial markets for more than ten years. The ToughStation computers and monitors are NEMA 4x sealed for a completely airtight enclosure.

JMAS dramatically improves accuracy, control, and productivity in all facets of warehousing operations. The software supports a low-cost state-of-the-art warehouse management system that uses high-performance laser bar code scanning technology and wireless handheld scanners. The warehouse management module provides real-time capture and sharing of inventory information at the receiving dock, and then immediately uses this data to optimize receiving, tracking, material movement and transfers, picking for sales orders, truck loading and routing, physical inventory, cycle counts and employee utilization.

Update your precious metals (platinum, gold and silver) pricing at time of booking or shipment as well as agreed upon fixed-market pricing. Detailed management reports show your precious metals position by tracking issues, receipts, inventory withdrawals and shrinkage from finished goods manufacturing tasks.

Tailor your pricing for specific customers and simplify annual product re-costing by tracking materials costs, labor costs, administrative, overhead, commission, profit and other factors. Whether you are a distributor that provides quotes to different customers or a manufacturer that quotes every job on a case-by-case basis, CAI’s costing module lets you cost items by product category, item, customer or any combination of these variables. You can access purchasing and manufacturing information in real-time to assist in decision making while the customer is still on the phone.

Get up-to-the-minute quantity status and detailed information on each item in your inventory. Set and maintain target finished goods and component inventory stock levels (including loose stones), analyze usage trends and check vendor performance. Automatically update stock records after every sale, purchase, return, commission, profit and transfer to keep inventory data current. With JMAS’ inventory replenishment capability, you can ensure that you have enough product on hand to fill anticipated orders, while keeping excess stock to a minimum. Average lead time, historical or seasonal-based sales, and number of days’ supply to stock are used to dynamically set reorder point and preferred stock level for each item.

Streamline production scheduling and order tracking, and eliminate human error while expediting shipments and phone inquiries.

Create work orders for production with bills of materials, work center routings, manufacturing specifications and images.

Track your precious and semi-precious stones by piece or by weight. This valuable module contains full parcel management, and can be set up to accommodate an electronic scale interface.

Monitor and accumulate diamond weight and other items as they travel from one work-in-process center to another in the production cycle.

Facilitate production, lot tracking and more. Provide bar coded bill of materials, routing and manufacturing specifications on job tickets, bags for production order tracking, UPC labels and ring tags. Reduce handling time by printing bar code caster bags and scanning them into the jewelry software using bar code scanners (sold separately).

Financial Features

Manage your receivables to maximize cash flow and net profit. Promote and track sales, payments, and other activity with your customers. Record communications with customers and prompt credit managers for follow-up to help you get paid on time.

Record vendor transactions, write checks, and track vendor activity. With the ProVisions food processing and distribution software, you get better control over payables to your vendors with less time and effort.

Identify all paid checks and reconcile with your bank fast and accurately.

Access charts of accounts, balances, tax reporting and other up-to-date financial and accounting data and quickly produce attractive financial reports on demand to gain valuable business insight. JMAS provides daily financial management tools, not just a once-a-month report. Instantly access every G/L amount and transaction, and set-up your accounts and sub-accounts to enhance your decision making, improve processing time and automate routine activities. With JMAS, you can create accounting periods based on your fiscal and business cycle, manage bank accounts and cash and automate routines such as check-writing, bank statement reconciliation.

Track precious metals and provide an accurate accounting of your precious metals assigned to your vendor’s location and your customer’s precious metals assigned to you, including weight and dollar value.

Administrative Features

JMAS lets you manage all of your shipments from your desktop – from origin to destination. You can quickly and easily extract sales order and shipping detail from JMAS into a full range of third-party shipping companies, including UPS WorldShip, Federal Express and Pitney Bowes. By enabling you to check all orders shipped, this fully integrated module enables JMAS to perform all billing of outbound orders.

With ProVisions, you can produce detailed management reports, including SIR (Sales/Inventory Recap), SOBER Inquiry (State of Business Effectivity Report), GMROI (Gross Margin Return on Investment) and more.

JMAS provides unmatched capabilities for viewing business reports. JMAS puts your critical data at your fingertips with a new search capability that lets you quickly pinpoint specific records in a report and avoid endless scrolling. In addition, JMAS enhances report readability with a powerful new Zoom feature. The software also facilitates sharing and e-mailing of reports that can be converted directly to Adobe PDF format.

Scan, file, store, and retrieve documents, fast and efficiently. CAI’s software is integrated with DataView RMS, a total Document Management System developed by MultiProcess Computer LLC. DataView is designed to help you reduce costs, labor, paper and storage; locate documents instantly, prevent document loss, protect documents with image dating technology and restrict access by providing security. Misplaced or lost files are a thing of the past.

Print full-color images on quote sheets, job bags and marketing literature. Comprehensive photo imaging capabilities let you view your photos on screen to help reduce errors.

Access business data any time, anywhere through Microsoft® applications like Excel, Word or Access as well as other reporting tools.

Access and utilize valuable data to enhance your business decision processes. JMAS’ integrated BI Module is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art BI solution that lets you view customer, sales, inventory and other key performance indicators (KPI) as intuitive and graphical dashboard objects so you can identify business trends, monitor progress toward business goals and diagnose overall organizational health.

View your customer’s historical purchasing activity and tailor new product offers to boost sales.

With the goal of providing the ultimate in jewelry software flexibility within its jewelry manufacturing and jewelry distribution software systems, CAI has employed a sophisticated and, unique to the industry, concept of software parameterization. Through this technique, our industry consultants are able to selectively activate individual jewelry software functionality features within the system that most suit the individual needs of any particular client. This amounts to a partial customization of the software to each individual clients unique requirements without the need for programming, which translates to a near custom system at the cost of a standard package.