JMAS repairShop Module Helps Accuracy, Efficiency and Service in a Jewelry Repair Operation

September 14, 2013 — Computer Associates (CAI) today announced the JMAS repairShop module, a suite of specialized software tools designed specifically for companies that offer resizing, resetting, prong repair or other custom jewelry repair services. The repairShop software helps jewelry businesses work more efficiently and at a lower cost—while offering their customers the best service you can.

repairShop Module Offers Real-time Repair Job Tracking

Designed for companies that receive, process, cost, price, invoice and return jewelry pieces sent in for repair, JMAS’ repairShop module goes beyond anything available in the market today. You can define, cost and track repair processing steps, or routings—in real-time—and create detailed Repair Orders and Invoice according to your business rules.

Maximize Shop Efficiency with Pre-defined Repair Types and Routings

During the Repair Order Entry process, JMAS lets you build the labor routing for the item, on the fly, with pre-defined standard repairs such as resizing, resetting, prong repair and other custom services. Each standard repair includes the processing steps (routings) necessary to get the job done.

For example, a standard ‘ring repair’ service might include a series of incremental labor steps, including ‘wash and degrease’, ‘set center’ or ‘size ring’ and other work center routings―with all of the operations associated with routing each of those steps and each with its own cost and sell price, allowing repairShop to effectively price the repair based on a single operation or multiple operations as needed for that particular type of repair.

About JMAS Enterprise Software for Jewelry Manufacturers and Distributors

JMAS is end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business software that provides a suite of tools for managing order processing, production, inventory control, costing, business intelligence / reporting and more. Whether you make fine or fashion jewelry, findings or chains, you’ll make it faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost with JMAS. Available for multi-user networks or single-station systems, the JMAS software was designed by our staff of industry consultants, with input from an advisory group of clients and experts within the jewelry manufacturing and distribution industry.

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