JMAS Software Takes to the Cloud

July 16, 2012 — Computer Associates (CAI) today announced it has moved to the cloud with an implementation of the company’s industry-leading JMAS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for jewelry manufacturers and distributors. The cloud, or Internet solution, provides a wealth of compelling financial and technical business advantages, including: minimized initial investment; accelerated increase in return on investment; seamless upgrades; reduced dependence on internal IT resources; improved security and data backups; and the ability to make changes quickly and easily.

The software is available through an on-demand, pay-as-you-go model that scales with your business.

Save Capital Expenditures While Streamlining Operations

JMAS’s cloud option provides the same powerful business management software of a traditional installation, without the need to invest in an on-site server or allocate resources to service it, house it securely and maintain the ERP software running on it. The JMAS software runs remotely at a secure data center. Desktops and laptops can be used for a longer period of time when the JMAS software is accessed via the web.

Jim McCooey, president of Computer Associates (CAI), developers of the JMAS Software said, “In addition to the inherent cost savings, cloud-based implementations help us better serve the changing business environments our clients operate in. Businesses today are looking for ways to become more flexible from an operational standpoint, and we can now give that to them in less time, at a lower cost.”

Remote ERP Software Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere

The JMAS cloud-based software lets users easily connect to the software while utilizing different computing devices, including computers, smartphones and tablets, from nearly anywhere at any time.

Focus on Business and Leave the Infrastructure Management to Us

With the new cloud-based software, customers do not get sidetracked by IT issues. JMAS manages the software, hardware and network administration in the cloud so you can focus on the needs of your customers—and your IT team can focus their time on new ways to generate revenue instead of costing you money. “In-house IT doesn’t have to know the infrastructure, hardware and operating system. They can focus on how to leverage analysis to manage the business better and drive costs down,” McCooey said.

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