The Riddle Group Maximizes Manufacturing Control and Efficiency with JMAS Software

August 17, 2015, Smithfield, RI — After 25 years of being a loyal customer of Computer Associates’ legacy jewelry software, Riddle’s Group has just licensed our newest version of JMAS Jewelry ERP Software. Headquartered in Rapid City, South Dakota, Riddle’s Group, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of U.S.-made jewelry products. The family-owned company also operates more than 55 Riddle’s Jewelry retail stores across nine Midwestern states.

“When we were evaluating the upgrade to the new JMAS software, we recognized that we needed a more efficient way to ensure that our customers received the exact products they ordered when they needed them, and that orders were invoiced promptly,” Lee Jensen of Riddle’s Group stated.

“As soon as a customer calls in with an order, we’re able to record the order accurately, generate a detailed production order, record back-orders, handle assortments and distribution orders and make sure that product is delivered on spec and on time every time.”

JMAS helps Riddle’s manage complex, customer- and job-specific pricing and costing, and maximize margins on everything they make. The software rolls up the cost of each labor step and component and materials costs and tracks other costs such as administrative, overhead, commission, profit and other factors. JMAS’ costing module lets you cost items by product category, item, customer or any combination of these variables.

“JMAS has also really helped us manage inventory across each of our locations and all areas of daily operations, from production to delivery. We’ve improved our manufacturing efficiency and minimized back-orders and incorrect shipments, and we are much better able to track products whether they are shipped to customers in the U.S. or overseas, Jensen continued.”

From the initial design to the final polishing, many steps are required to create each finished piece. The piece is cast, shaped, ground, polished, soldered, cleaned, wriggled and engraved by Riddle’s team of highly skilled artisans. Riddle’s prides itself on offering one-of-a-kind new designs every year, as we strive to provide quality ERP software to jewelry companies across the United States.

About Riddle Group

Headquartered in Rapid City, South Dakota, The Riddle Group is a leading manufacturer of U.S.-made jewelry products. The family-owned company also operates more than 55 Riddle’s Jewelry retail stores across nine Midwestern states. These retail outlets offer a large selection of products from rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, diamonds, gemstones, pearls and watches. Riddle’s manufactures their line of Mt. Rushmore Black Hills Gold and diamond jewelry. In addition, they carry a full selection of pieces from Amarra, Impulse, Radiante, Vinya, and about 16 other major brands. All manufacturing is done in the Rapid City facility which also houses the company’s corporate offices, a state-of-the-art showroom and their flagship retail store on site. The Riddle Group employs more than 600 people across its operation.

About Computer Associates and JMAS

CAI is recognized as a trusted advisor to the jewelry industry and a leader in the delivery of high-quality business management software solutions. For more than 35 years, the JMAS Jewelry ERP Software has helped our jewelry manufacturing and distribution clients successfully manage the unique challenges within the wholesale fine and fashion jewelry industry. CAI has built its reputation by listening and responding promptly to its clients’ changing business needs. The JMAS Jewelry ERP Software is continually refined through constant consultation with our clients and experts in the market. This enables our people to roll-out and deploy software and hardware solutions that continue to maximize the business value of the software year after year. For more information or for a no-obligation consultation, visit

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