Product Highlights

The JMAS jewelry software system offers features encompassing industries from precious metals and high-fashion jewelry manufacturing to jewelry distribution.

All the functionality required to effectively manage the costs and margins of business operations – giving you a high degree of control while maintaining efficiency and maximizing profitability. Whether you operate your business in a straight single- location jewelry distribution environment or a sophisticated MRP manufacturing environment, the following highlights will illustrate how JMAS jewelry software is industry specific and a truly unique solution.

  • Productivity Gains in software are typically realized through ease-of-use that expedites the normal processing of everyday business activities or productivity gains through the automation of formerly manual operations. With JMAS, productivity gains can and do play a major role in the calculation of return on net investment.
  • Cost of ownership over a reasonable period of time is a key element in a true analytical review of an investment in software. Through No Charge software updates and competitive 24/7 support, Computer Associates prides itself in a favorable cost of ownership comparison over a five year period and longer to its major competitors.
  • Cost Reduction is a key element in a favorable return on net investment. From personnel savings attained through staff reduction and/or productivity gains, to the elimination of pre-printed multi-part forms in favor of computer generated forms and the automated archiving of all reports and forms through an Enterprise Records Management System, JMAS lets you realize significant cost reductions.
  • Competitive Edge Gaining and maintaining a competitive edge in your market can be very meaningful to any business. One primary way that JMAS offers a competitive edge is by providing access to timely and meaningful management information to assist in making key strategic and financial decisions.
  • Windows Server 2012 operating system and Windows 7 and 10 client support enables JMAS to operate with ease in a network environment widely acknowledged as the industry standard.
  • ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) permits the exporting of data from the JMAS jewelry software data base to any number of windows based third party software products resident on client workstations.
  • Unique Parameterization technique permits the selection of built-in options for finger tip functional customization.
  • On-Line ‘Help’ functions offer assistance when you need it.
  • Full User Profile permits each user to see and access only those items that relate to their individual function.
  • Management by Exception is a function that highlights in reports and screens, key items which fall outside of acceptable ranges. (i.e., Gross Profit, Discount etc.)
  • Accurate tracking, retrieving and comparing of data provides information necessary to improve customer service and generate new profits.
  • Expedient Order Processing is the heart of your business and of the JMAS jewelry software system. JMAS jewelry software permits easy entry and recall of all order information. The JMAS jewelry software automatically commits and releases inventory while passing direct orders to manufacturers through the automatic purchasing function.
  • Advanced Quotation System provides a real edge in today’s competitive jewelry industry. Current costing and material availability data enables the generation of on-target pricing. Quotes may be moved directly to order status and easily adjusted based on cost or price changes.
  • Accurate Costing and Pricing are essential to maintaining a profitable jewelry business. JMAS jewelry software centralizes standard and actual costs so price changes are applied quickly to finished products. BOM roll up allows for quick re-pricing and costing.
  • FAX Desk permits authorized users to FAX documents directly from their desks.
  • Generic Forms defines each form format at printing and thus eliminates the need for preprinted forms.
  • Point of Sale includes full retail capabilities such as cash drawer interface, deposit tracking, payment processing and much more.
  • Sophisticated Purchasing module features ‘Purchase Assist’ which calculates average daily usage based on parameters set by the user, Purchase Order Returns and Direct Purchase Order which pulls direct line items from sales order entry into a Purchase order. JMAS jewelry software assists in the quick efficient and accurate ordering of materials. Includes purchase order tracking as well as receipt and invoice matching.
  • Management Reporting is the heart and soul of any business and this is where JMAS jewelry software shines. Full reporting is available within all modules with special emphasis on management status and profitability reporting such as SIR Reporting (Sales/Inventory recap), SOBER Inquiry (State of the Branch Effectively Report) GMROI (Gross Margin return on Investment) and many more.
  • Customer and Volume Pricing. Assign different prices for different types of customers. You can also assign different prices for wholesale, retail or online sales.
  • Multi-location Inventory Management. Manage inventory in multiple locations. As you enter purchase and sales transactions, JMAS provides the capabilities to choose the warehouse location that will receive or fulfill the order. Inventory reports allow you to view information about your total inventory on hand, or just the inventory level at a specific location.
  • Matrix Items. Handle various combinations of the same item, enabling different values for characteristics such as pricing, inventory status, and description. JMAS gives your customers and sales representatives the ability to identify item combinations more quickly. As a result, you can meet the varying demands of your customer base more easily.
  • Multiple Units of Measure. Manage multiple units of measure for selling, buying, and costing each item across various sales channels, including your Web site, retail stores, partner or wholesale channels. Additionally, you can more closely track inventory costs and increase profitability.
  • Lot Numbers. A complete history for each lot number is maintained in the inventory management program through the product’s life cycle. You can also assign an expiration date to each lot number and enter notes about it. Lot items track the specific cost for each lot as products are bought and sold and lot numbers must be entered when building or receiving a lot into inventory, and when fulfilling orders for a lot item. You can even set up a warning to let you know when an item you’re fulfilling is about to expire. And JMAS’ sophisticated transaction search functionality makes it simple to view the entire history of a lot as it moves through your system and to customers, making recall warnings extremely easy to handle.