Special Features

The JMAS Jewelry ERP Software includes a range of capabilities that are once again setting the standard for manufacturing and distribution software. Newly added contact management tools help you view sales pipeline activity, track opportunities and drive your sales at a lower cost. Other new tools provide real-time access to customer, sales, inventory and other key performance indicators (KPI), improve manufacturing accuracy and efficiency and integrate your retail store with complete POS capabilities.

Drive Your Sales with Contact Management Tools

Powerful new contact management tools help you manage your sales with more precision and at a lower cost. You can easily track contacts, sales opportunities and quotes, and use JMAS’ comprehensive Order Guide to get details of each customer’s purchasing patterns so you can quickly identify changes in buying activity and take proactive steps to maximize revenue. For sales managers, JMAS provides a insight into sales pipeline activity, including open and closed opportunities, conversion rates and close probability. Quickly determine salesperson goal achievement and see how each rep is performing this week, this month, over the same period as previous year or other comparative metrics.

Get Fast Access to Your Key Business Data

JMAS’ new Business Intelligence (BI) tool provides immediate access to real-time customer, sales, inventory and other key performance indicators (KPI). This click-driven, visually interactive presents your data in a graphical and intuitive ‘dashboard’ for fast analysis and action. No more waiting for outdated reports or lengthy spreadsheets. JMAS puts the power of meaningful business analysis into the hands of the people who need it – so they can make more informed and profitable decisions.

Integrate Your Retail Store with POS Capabilities

Operating your retail POS has never been easier. JMAS provides complete control at the register for cash, checks, and credit cards. You get transaction posting, deposit and quote tracking, scheduled deliveries, credit issues, payment processing on account and, most important of all, rapid checkouts – all from one simple menu. Just enter your customer’s name and address at the POS and JMAS maintains historical data like transaction details, total purchases to date and more. This information is helpful when verifying payments on previous purchases, controlling product returns or monitoring pricing discounts. You can choose from a range of supported POS devices, touch screens, barcode and magnetic card readers.

Improve Manufacturing Accuracy, Capacity and Efficiency

For almost 40 years JMAS has been a premier Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for jewelry manufacturers. Whether you make fine or fashion jewelry, findings or chains, you’ll make it faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost with JMAS. You can easily create detailed work orders replete with bill of materials, work center routings, manufacturing specs and high-resolution images of the finished product. JMAS streamlines production, helping you track the movement of precious and semi-precious stones and components throughout the manufacturing process. For customers that order months in advance of final delivery, JMAS lets you select sales orders for immediate production rather than manufacturing and stocking the product.