Next Generation ERP Software

Automate Processes to Maximize Fulfillment

Next Generation ERP software is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that enables wholesalers, distributors and third-party logistics companies to maximize fulfillment by automating processes and analyzing operations.

Next Generation empowers companies to manage all aspects of their supply chain management processes, from controlling inventory, purchasing and receiving to order capturing and processing to replenishing, picking, shipping and financial processing.

Take Your Supply Chain to a New Level

  • Capture orders from any source for expanded customer reach
  • Process orders to meet and exceed customer expectations and enhance service
  • Alert staff to problems in the supply chain and handle exceptions
  • Manage space and the flow of items efficiently to streamline operations
  • Move information accurately and in real-time to respond accurately
  • Bridge the supply and demand gap with optimized replenishment levels
  • Maintain accurate levels of available inventory to minimize inventory costs
  • Deliver the right product the first time, on time
  • Integrate financial processing seamlessly to simplify accounting processes
  • Utilize real-time data presented in concise formats to proactively manage the business

Designed to enhance revenues, reduce operating costs and improve organizational efficiency, Next Generation helps you provide unsurpassed customer service, efficient and timely order fulfillment, and up-to-date information allowing you to exceed customer expectations. We provide you with the distribution ERP solution you need to respond to customers quickly and accurately and manage the flow of goods and information in your supply chain.

Next Generation ERP – Key Modules

Next Generation ERP includes the following key modules:

We recognize that not all wholesalers, distributors and third-party logistics companies are identical, so we’ve designed a configurable solution that can be tailored to fit your company’s structure and distribution business needs. This configurability ensures you have a business system optimized for performance in your environment.

Our Next Generation ERP distribution software has been designed with ease-of-use in mind to ensure that you can conduct business with minimum effort and maximum satisfaction. By emphasizing ease-of-use, your staff will have a fast learning curve and a positive experience which leads to improved productivity and efficiency.