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Bayer Built Woodworks Selects Ponderosa to Help Drive World-Class Customer Service

September 23, 2015 — Bayer Built Woodworks, a leading manufacturer and two-step distributor of millwork and Ponderosa Software today announced that Bayer Built has selected Ponderosa to drive the company’s customer-centric service philosophy.

“Service is truly what we consider to be our strongest value-add. It’s perhaps the most crucial aspect of building and maintaining stronger relationships with each of our customers,” Joe Bayer President of Bayer Build said. Bayer Built has been a customer of Computer Associates for more than two decades. “Our legacy, character-based software was chugging along just fine, but we knew that if we were to take advantage of the latest technology and Ponderosa’s current capabilities that we’d need to, at some point, upgrade our software.”

After evaluating their software options, Bayer built chose Ponderosa ERP Software. “We liked that with Ponderosa, orders are generated from the perspective of a millwork manufacturing operation, with sales orders feeding the production cycle. Some of the other packages we looked at seemed based more on retail Point of Sale, where the software treated millwork orders more like selling assembly items, or “kits”. We made the decision to stick with Ponderosa and the great team that had treated us so well over the years.”

Ponderosa ERP software’s integrated Product Configurator (ProCon) system streamlines door, window and other millwork manufacturing in the most efficient way possible, eliminating errors and significantly reducing manufacturing time. The software provides real-time information on orders as they move throughout Bayer Built’s assembly and pre-finishing process. Waste that is restocked or written off is automatically accounted for.

While the customer is on the phone, Bayer Built can price, cost and set-up each order. “The intuitive, table-based ProCon system allows us to build door units to-order on the fly, without BOMs. It’s virtually impossible to make errors with incorrect sub-component selections because Ponderosa only displays logical components that are compatible with the specific door type or style,” Bayer said. “This not only improves accuracy, but greatly enhances efficiency.”

Ponderosa also eliminates re-keying and manual re-costing. If cost is not available when the price is entered, customer orders and receipts are automatically updated when the correct cost is added to the purchase order and the system alerts appropriate staff so it is invoiced at the proper margin. Information about the order is entered into the Order Entry system and then used to generate related documents such as production or work orders, purchase orders (if necessary) and delivery documents. Since there aren’t multiple data entry points, no mistakes are made that cause costly returns and re-builds.

Warehouse Management System Speeds Picking, Improves Accuracy

Bayer Built knows that efficient, accurate inventory management is a key element to offering the consummate service levels that they provide. When the company wanted to automate and improve inventory control and the efficiency of its picking activities, they worked with the team at Ponderosa to install a full-featured wireless Warehouse Management System (WMS). “Implementing the WMS is one of the best decisions, we’ve ever made,” Zsuzsanna Bayer, IS Manager for the company, said.

The Ponderosa WMS uses hand-held, RF (radio frequency) mobile PCs with integrated barcode scanners to track inventory from the time materials arrive through processing and the shipping of finished goods. The system captures detailed barcoded product information at the receiving dock and then utilizes this data to help Bayer Built optimize all facets of its warehousing operations.”

“The warehouse management solution is invaluable,” Bayer added. “It enables us to quickly determine the exact locations of product so there aren’t any unnecessary delays in getting product where it needs to be. We are always confident that we know exactly what’s on-hand and what needs to be ordered.”

“While it’s difficult to do a true calculation of the real cost benefits Ponderosa has provided us, there is absolutely no doubt that over the more than two decades that number is impressive!” Zsuzsanna Bayer, IS Manager stated.

About Bayer Build Woodworks

Bayer Built Woodworks is a leading manufacturer and two-step distributor of millwork, selling exclusively to building product retailers. The company’s products are available through a network of more than 850 dealers in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Montana that service the construction needs of new and remodeled single and multi-family homes and a variety of commercial structures. Bayer Built Woodworks, located in Belgrade, Minnesota is one of the premier distributors in the markets they serve, employing over 400 team members at its state-of-the-art production and pre-finishing operation and 600,000 square foot warehouse.

About Ponderosa ERP Software

Ponderosa Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a fully integrated, Windows-based solution that automates product configuration, warehouse management, sales order processing, purchase order processing, point-of-sale, eCommerce, business intelligence (BI) and more. Developed in conjunction with an advisory group of lumber and building materials clients, and continually enhanced over more than a decade with state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices, Ponderosa consolidates critical information—from all areas of the business—to provide the industry’s most comprehensive computer information solution.

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