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Magbee Contractors Supply Automates Millwork Production and Shop Scheduling with CAI Software’s Ponderosa

August 13, 2019 – Smithfield, RI – CAI Software and Magbee Contractors Supply, a leading building supply wholesaler serving professional construction contractors in metro Atlanta today announced that Magbee has installed CAI Software’s Ponderosa ERP Software to improve the productivity of the company’s millwork production operations.

Based in Winder, Georgia, Magbee Contractors Supply manufactures and assembles key millwork products in the company-owned millwork facility, ensuring the service and quality (value) for its customers.  Magbee’s Millwork Department builds all types of products, including windows and doors, brackets and corbels, shutters, and columns.  The company also offers turnkey installation services by skilled craftsmen for most of these products, along with timely delivery throughout Metro Atlanta– and beyond.

Bob Magbee, owner of Magbee Contractors Supply, said, “In the past, our customer millwork orders were essentially funneled through two key individuals who would use our legacy software to assemble a series of kits and associated materials, modify the package to fit the customer specs, and communicate back to the sales rep the final build cost.  Needless to say, this was not very efficient and led to instances of the wrong product being built at the wrong price and less-than-satisfied customers.”

“Custom millwork, delivered on time and on budget, is a significant part of our business. Our business management software has to be strong on the manufacturing floor.  After looking at several packages we found that Ponderosa offered the best tools for the job.  We now have the actionable information to respond to our customers quickly, accurately, and at a lower cost.”

Magbee continued, “Our inside salespeople can quickly pull up Ponderosa’s graphical product configurator to configure, cost and price custom doors and window units with the contractor on the phone.  This ensures the accuracy of the order and helps us avoid costly returns and rebuilds, and provides our team the opportunity to up-sell components that improves both the customer’s final product and our profit margins.”

“Ponderosa has improved our efficiency from the sales counter to the shop, and has eliminated the need to overstock components to cover production, which has helped cut inventory investment.  We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to partner with CAI and the Ponderosa team,” Magbee said.

Pat Gannon, Vice President for CAI, said, “Only Ponderosa delivers the full range of on-demand applications that streamline production, track manufacturing costs and maximize profit margins on everything our customers sell.”

Whether you’re a one-step millwork business that sells primarily to builders and contractors or a two-step distributor servicing mostly dealers and retailers, Ponderosa’s industry-leading order processing, millwork production and shop scheduling capabilities can increase productivity, reduce costs and give you real-time visibility into production and customer delivery status.  With Ponderosa, if a single component changes, like a hinge, there’s no need to manually update the entire kit, re-cost and reprice it, wasting time and money and resulting in possible errors.

Ponderosa’s production order processing tools simplify production forecasting by factoring in product lead times and shop capacity.  You can consolidate orders to optimize line efficiency, schedule pre-production items, implement bar code tracking for standard vs. actual cost comparisons, and track the time for each task, substitutions made during production, and the handling of waste materials.  As a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Ponderosa’s production tools are tightly integrated with the system’s point of sale, warehouse management, delivery, installed sales, and back office apps can turn your millwork business into a well-oiled, highly profitable machine.

“If your millwork operation is a key aspect of your business, there’s really only one solution,” Gannon said.

“Over the last three years or so that we’ve been working with Ponderosa, CAI has provided outstanding day-to-day support,” Magbee added.  “We feel like we have a real business partner committed to our success.”

About Magbee Contractors Supply

Magbee Contractors Supply is a building supply wholesaler serving the professional construction contractor market in metro Atlanta. Its mission is to improve its customers’ productivity and enhance the value they offer to their customers.  The company purchases quality competitive products from suppliers throughout North America and the world and manufactures and assembles millwork products in the company-owned millwork facility.  We provide building products to building contractors, complimented by value-added services and customer support.  Through its association with the 77-year old Lumber Merchandising Cooperative (LMC), made up of 300 stockholder dealers with combined sales of over $6 Billion, Magbee Contractors Supply is able to buy from the major manufacturers in North America and throughout the world, acting as purchasing agent to ensure our customers procure the very best value comparing quality for quality. Through its proven ability to drive cost out of the construction process, Magbee Contractors Supply is able to pass savings along to our customers and improve their bottom line.

About Ponderosa Software

Ponderosa Software is an on-demand, end-to-end solution that helps Lumber and Building Materials Manufacturers, Dealers and Distributors run their businesses more efficiently and profitably by utilizing information from all areas of the business and giving them the ability to track production costs, ensure that the right stock is available at the right time and meet promised delivery dates for production orders utilizing the latest technology and industry-best practices.

About CAI Software, LLC

CAI Software, LLC is a recognized leader in the delivery of on-demand enterprise resource planning (ERP) and management systems, software, network integration and business consulting services to market-leading companies in the building materials, food processing, precious metals and discrete manufacturing/distribution industries. We are headquartered in Rhode Island, USA.

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