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New Retail Point-of-Sale (POS) Capabilities Offer Fully Integrated, Turnkey LBM Solution

August 26, 2010 — Ponderosa Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for lumber and building material manufacturers and distributors today announced that it has added retail point-of-sale (POS) features to make operating a POS easier.

The new POS module provides complete control at the register for cash, checks, and credit cards. The software also supports integrated transaction posting, deposit and quote tracking, scheduled deliveries, credit issues, payment processing on account and, most important of all, rapid checkouts—from one simple menu. By entering your customer’s name at the POS, sales associates get details on past transactions, total purchases and other information to verify payments, control pricing discounts and manage product returns.

“The addition of the new point-of-sale module was driven in large part by our customers who wanted a complete, turnkey business management software package for their brick-and-mortar store,” said Pat Gannon, vice president of sales at Ponderosa Software. “Now, whether you take credit cards in person or over your e-commerce site, Ponderosa can help you do it safely, securely and reliably.“

The Ponderosa software supports a wide broad selection of POS devices, touch screens, barcode and magnetic card readers.

Ponderosa ERP Software for LBM Distributors

Available for manufacturers and distributors of lumber, building materials and millwork, Ponderosa is contemporary, Windows-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that enhances productivity, improves margins, reduces costs and maximizes the service level that you provide to your customers. Ponderosa’s fully integrated inventory, production, delivery, service, and accounting modules help you automate processes, manage your operations more efficiently and make the most informed business decisions. Ponderosa can be implemented on-site (server-based) or as an on-demand, web-based (Software-as-a-Service) application hosted at Computer Associates’ secure data center.

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