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Ponderosa Software and Masonite Integrate ERP Software and Masonite’s MAX Web-based Door Design and Pricing Application

January 16, 2015 — Ponderosa Software and Masonite Corporation today announced the first commercially available ERP interface of the Xpress (MAX) ConfiguratorSM, Masonite’s breakthrough browser-based door design and pricing application.

Accessible from most any computer, laptop or tablet PC, the MAX application lets you virtually design a wide range of entry and interior door styles and options and provide customers with an instant quote at the job site or from anywhere else. Masonite dealers can now utilize the MAX product and import the information directly into their Ponderosa ERP system, saving significant and time, eliminating errors and maximizing customer satisfaction.

David Stooks, Technology Director at Masonite said, “I recently spent several weeks on the road speaking with our dealers and found that they often spend an inordinate amount of time creating and submitting bids. This first-of-its-kind integrated solution offers unmatched automation and convenience in designing, quoting and selling products. The combination of the MAX software and the Ponderosa ERP helps our customers get bids out as rapidly and efficiently as possible, thereby increasing the odds that they will win the business.”

“Ponderosa has a demonstrated commitment to the millwork industry and a strong record of innovation in the door and window market and is clearly a premier ERP solution,” Stooks added. “We’re excited to have the opportunity to work with their talented team to implement this powerful ‘job-site-to-factory’ business solution on behalf of our customers.”

Cleary Millwork of Somerset, Massachusetts is an early adopter and will be utilizing the integrated solution shortly. Peter Humphrey, President of Cleary Millwork said, “The integration of the MAX application into our Ponderosa software will allow us to be more responsive to our customers while saving significant time and eliminating errors. Our sales reps will be able to configure even the most complex door unit at the job site when they have the customer’s input, and can display their selections for them. By bringing the MAX data into Ponderosa, we’ll also be able to specify jams, lock sets, hinges and other components, even components from other vendors that further differentiate our product.”

The Masonite MAX configurator walks users through a quick and simple step-by-step design process to create personalized door designs. You can choose from hundreds of glass, style and frame material options. Each selection refines and narrows the many choices associated with a complete door package. When new choices are made, a large image of the door is updated and the MSRP changes to reflect the estimated cost. The system even lets you upload a photo of an existing doorway and see how the new door will look. Once you’ve made your selections, you can submit a quote to the Ponderosa ERP system with a click of a button.

Jim McCooey, president for Computer Associates, developers of the Ponderosa ERP Software added, “The development project with Masonite allows us deliver even more convenience and efficiency to our customers’ business processes from pricing to orders. By embedding a link to the Masonite MAX application directly within the Ponderosa ERP software, there’s no jumping between screens. This helps our customers accelerate their customers’ design process and overall satisfaction and, ultimately, move more product.”

About Masonite

Masonite International Corporation is a leading global designer and manufacturer of interior and exterior doors for the residential new construction; the residential repair, renovation and remodeling; and the non-residential building construction markets. Since 1925, Masonite has provided its customers with innovative products and superior service at compelling values. Masonite currently serves more than 7,000 customers in 80 countries. Additional information about Masonite can be found at

About Ponderosa

Available for manufacturers and distributors of lumber, building materials and millwork, Ponderosa is contemporary, Windows-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that enhances productivity, improves margins, reduces costs and maximizes the service level that dealers can provide to their customers. Ponderosa’s fully integrated Inventory, POS, Production, Delivery, Service, and Accounting modules help dealers automate processes, manage operations more efficiently and make the most informed business decisions. For more information, call 800.422.4782 or visit Ponderosa on the web at

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