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Southern Lumber & Millwork Wins Andersen 2014 Dealer of the Year Award

April 27, 2015 — Ponderosa Software is proud to announce that Southern Lumber & Millwork, a family-owned full-service lumber yard and independent building materials dealer founded in 1941 and based in Charleston, SC, has been awarded Andersen Windows’ 2014 Dealer of the Year for overall installation scheduling and customer service at Andersen’s 2014 Window and Door Dealer Conference held earlier this year. Southern was the winner of several of the 15 awards presented.

Southern Lumber & Millwork has been using the Ponderosa ERP software for almost five years.

Thad Shuler, Operations Manager said, “Our goal is for a ten to 15 minute turnaround from the time the customer drives through the front gate until their vehicle is loaded and ready to go. Southern Lumber & Millwork handles approximately 100 walk-ins per day to its Charleston showroom.

“Prior to signing on with Ponderosa we were making do with an application that wasn’t nearly as robust as it needed to be. We looked around, spoke with a lot of people within our trade group, the Building Materials Suppliers Association and, after boiling our decision down to two finalists, selected Ponderosa. They came in and made sure they understood every nuance of our business from the showroom to the millwork shop. I think because of this initial thoroughness, we’ve enjoyed being able to work with them on targeted modifications that have helped us improve our service levels,” Shuler said.

“When a customer enters the showroom, Ponderosa’s point-of-sale software lets us instantly pull up their prior transactions, total purchases to date, credit issues and other information,” Shuler said. “This helps us identify up-sell opportunities and provide the absolute best service during each visit. It’s not just about giving our customers the flexibility to pay with cash, checks and all major credit cards, although the software certainly can do that. It’s about making the entire experience as quick and easy as possible”.

“We’re working with Ponderosa to implement a new ‘will-call’ system that we’ll be rolling out soon. The goal for this program is to get the order right every time with a guaranteed one-hour pickup for materials from the time the order is placed. Ponderosa’s ability to create a work order and pick ticket at the counter and then route it to the warehouse team as a priority order will certainly help us accomplish this level of service.”

Single Point of Entry from Manufacturers’ Online Quoting Tools and Ponderosa

We sell a lot of Andersen Eagle and SilverLine product. When a customer comes in, our counter team enters the specifications directly into Andersen’s online quote software and then imports the data directly into Ponderosa. We can quickly convert the quote to a sales order which eliminates a lot of confusion and makes sure that when the product arrives everything matches up. This single-point of entry really speeds things up,” Shuler added.

“Ponderosa’s production scheduler is huge for us! The software lets us schedule jobs based on available resources and other commitments, allocate raw materials as needed and then track the progress as it moves through production,” Shuler said. “We simply enter a range of scheduled ship dates for the sales orders, and then determine which orders we will need a work order or production jobs created. The software saves time by letting us create as many production orders as needed on a single screen instead of making us create individual production orders one at a time.”

All the information about the sales order, the items and the customer as well as the status of the orders (i.e., is the order on hold, is production OK to proceed, etc.) is readily available from this one screen. Southern Lumber also utilizes Ponderosa’s Production Review screen where they can easily see the status of every production order in the system. This screen is color coded as to easily identify the status of the production orders. Southern Lumber can also filter the data to show only orders in various types of production (i.e., shop order, planer shed, etc.). “From the time we create a production order, all the way through its completion, the order is easily tracked for complete transparency,” Shuler said.

Top-Notch Inventory Control Methodology
“Ponderosa‘s inventory control methodology is excellent,” Shuler added. “Since transitioning to the software the discrepancy in our physical inventory count is usually around .005%! Ponderosa has been instrumental in making sure we always have the right stock at the right time. We’ve can track inventory in production, at a third-party site or in storage. This has helped us virtually eliminate stock outages, back orders and costly re-deliveries due to errors,” Shuler added.

Streamlined Delivery and Dispatch Operations Maximize Service

“I speak with a lot of dealers who are struggling with delivery inefficiencies and lost profits,” Shuler said. “Ponderosa’s delivery and dispatch software gives us a real-time view of delivery commitments and resources. From a single screen we’re able to create the load and picking detail, schedule the deliveries and create a batch invoice for each truck.”
Ponderosa’s Delivery and Dispatch tools are designed to help dispatchers manage the staff involved in the order build process and maximize the profitability of every delivery. The software displays the total value of product on the truck as well as the associated fuel costs, driver overhead and other expenses. This helps save money while enabling salespeople to commit to customer delivery times with 100% confidence.

Shuler concluded, “I recommend Ponderosa Software to a lot of people and independent dealers. It’s one of the best kept secrets in the industry but it’s a powerful solution backed by a solid company that’s been doing this for a long time.”

About Southern Lumber & Millwork

Founded in 1941, Southern Lumber & Millwork is a family-owned full-service lumber yard and independent building materials dealer offering a wide selection of windows, doors, framing kits, moulding and other custom millwork products. The company’s customers include professional architects and custom builders as well as homeowners who are remodeling and need specialty work. Southern Lumber & Millwork is noted for its custom millwork department and its ability to run special moulding and trim packages. The company’s state-of-the-art technology and computerized equipment allows the company to do what other dealers simply cannot. From matching historic trim mouldings to creating something new and unique for new home construction, Southern’s design team has been doing it for over 60 years.

About Ponderosa

Ponderosa Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a fully integrated, Windows-based solution that automates product configuration, warehouse management, sales order processing, purchase order processing, point-of-sale, eCommerce, business intelligence (BI) and more. Developed in conjunction with an advisory group of lumber and building materials clients, and continually enhanced over more than a decade with state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices, Ponderosa consolidates critical information—from all areas of the business—to provide the industry’s most comprehensive computer information solution.

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