Success Stories

The ultimate judgment on the quality of any company or product is made by its clients.  We are pleased to have worked closely within the international metals refining industry for over twenty years and during that time to have serviced the computer software needs of importers, retailers, plating companies and findings companies as well.  Our clients speak for themselves when it comes to their reasons for selecting CAI as their IT partner and our PM Refining and PM Manufacturing solution as their primary application software.

We were given the opportunity to upgrade our legacy ERP software, however after reviewing alternative solutions we quickly settled on CAI’s PM Manufacturing software. It was clear right from the start that CAI understood our business and had invested in an industry-specific solution with all the core functionality you’d expect in a Microsoft-based ERP system as well as the precious metal-specific capabilities we were looking for.

Mark Grodzki
Ames Goldsmith Corporation

We pride ourselves on automating the refining process, so integrating CAI’s software was a logical step. The software enables us to streamline our internal processes, including how we create customer lots and settle their accounts. In addition, we were not forced to try to retrofit a software solution to our operations, the PM Refining software was built with the specific functionality we needed for our refining business.

Karen Cavender
Ohio Precious Metals

The PM Refining software automates the way we calculate refining charges and helps us communicate real-time status with our customers. We are very pleased at our decision to implement the software and to work with the knowledgeable and professional staff at CAI.

Tony Bransbury
MasterMelt Ltd.

CAI’s PM Refining software has helped us to significantly increase our productivity, speed and accuracy in creating, splitting and settling lots. We recognize our responsibility to protect our customers’ precious metal scrap as it flows through the refining circuit.  We can easily create production orders and track the movement of materials through receiving, vault, fire assay, wet chemical analysis and other work centers in the refining process.

Mitch Coughlin
Colt Refining, Inc.

We’ve found CAI’s software provides an excellent foundation for tight control of our all aspects of the business and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to implement the software. In fact, since going live on the system in our New Jersey facility, we’ve standardized on the software at both our global headquarters in New York as well as our subsidiary, Catalyst Refiners, Inc. in West Virginia, and we anticipate deploying the solution at our UK facility as well.

Mark Grodzki
Ames Goldsmith Corporation

CAI was quickly able to understand our core business practices and tailor their software to maintain our way of doing things. This, coupled with the system’s impressive throughput and minimal learning curve, made our decision to implement PM Refining a simple one. The support that we have received from CAI, both during the initial installation of the software and since our ‘go-live‘, has been exceptional. I would recommend this powerful software for any precious metals refiner seeking to automate the processing of lots through to settlement.

Ian Ewen