Built On Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Microsoft Dynamics is an integrated, adaptable business management solution that can streamline processes, deliver robust reporting and business intelligence, and connect employees, customers, and partners across a global marketplace.

Microsoft Dynamics can be adapted to the way your business works, integrated with existing systems, and extended to meet industry-specific needs. And Dynamics works like and with the other Microsoft products and technologies people already use, helping to ensure a smooth implementation, minimize training requirements, and provide a solution that can move your company into the future.

Flexible and easy to use, Microsoft Dynamics offers a user experience tailored to people’s roles within your organization – helping them work productively, make confident decisions, and respond quickly to new marketplace opportunities.

The Power of Dynamics

  • Gain insight for confident decision-making.

    Easily access and analyze accurate, up-to-the-minute data about every aspect of your operations, including individual transactions, key performance indicators, trends, and growth opportunities.  A variety of reporting and analytical options empowers people across your organization to extract and analyze data, generate and share reports, or export to Microsoft Office Excel or other familiar programs for further analysis and graphical presentation.

  • Maximize the value of your IT investments.

    Achieve a low total cost of ownership and take advantage of innovative data management, collaboration, and information-sharing capabilities with a solution that integrates tightly with other Microsoft products and technologies, including Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server.

  • Enhance connectivity.

    A powerful Microsoft development platform makes it easy to integrate Microsoft Dynamics with existing systems and share data across other applications and over the Internet.  CAI can provide expert support for implementing your Microsoft Dynamics solution and help you benefit from a rich ecosystem of finely tailored, industry-specific offerings and add-on solutions.

  • Choose the solution that fits your business size and needs.

    Microsoft Dynamics can evolve with you for the life of your business.  The flexible foundation and cost-effective licensing and support options enable you to choose the solution that’s right for your organization while maintaining the flexibility to adapt your solution as your business needs change.  Phased deployment and generous, out-of-the-box functionality at a low entry price help maximize the value of your investment while enabling you to enhance the productivity of your business through support, training, best practices, and product updates.