PM Refining Software

Streamline Refining, Lot Control, Settlements & More

Continually frustrated with inaccurate precious metals inventory? Troubled by a settlement process that produces inconsistent results? Annoyed with the inability to track customer lots through the refining plant?

CAI Software’s PM Refining is the solution.

Designed specifically for the precious metals refining industry and developed in collaboration with leading refiners, PM Refining is a fully integrated, 100% Windows-based business management software solution that streamlines Production, Lot Control, Contracts, Settlements, Payments and other business processes.

Is PM Refining Right for You?

PM Refining lets you quickly and accurately track your customers’ materials throughout the refining process, automate lot creation and settlement and perform a range of additional operations. What’s more, the software connects all your critical financial, technical, and operational data with market intelligence, so you can make sound, rapid decisions and respond quickly to change.

Our clients utilize PM Refining for everything from simple accounting and inventory tracking to the most sophisticated, refining-specific features. Is the solution right for you? Consider:

  • Do you have immediate and remote ‘anytime’ access to your ‘hedging positions’?
  • Do you have a complete audit trail of your customer and vendor settlements?
  • Do you use contracts with controlled settlement processing for all transactions?
  • Do you use pool accounting?
  • Do you provide spot pricing to customers and vendors and hedge for protection?
  • Do you co-mingle customers’ bars into house lots for further processing?
  • Do you manufacture any other items from the refined metals?

Our clients are located across the globe and include:

  • Precious Metals Refiners
  • Smelters
  • Recyclers of Catalytic Converters or other PM-bearing scrap
  • Non-Ferrous Metal Recyclers
  • Precious Metals Brokers

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Based on Microsoft’s® Dynamics® 365 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, PM Refining includes a highly developed and progressive suite of industry-specific modules developed using very sophisticated and powerful program development techniques.