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Autocrat, Inc. Chooses ProVisions to Manage Production of Leading Coffee, Coffee Extracts and Flavored Syrup Products

January 4, 2010 — Computer Associates today announced that Autocrat, Inc., a leading provider of roasted coffee and coffee extracts and the world’s largest producer of coffee syrup, the main ingredient in coffee milk, has selected Computer Associates’ ProVisions Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to help the company improve its production operation, gain improved cost accounting and minimize inventory carrying costs.

Autocrat’s Food Service business offers the food service industry the convenience and efficiency of one source for all of its coffee-related needs. Offering a wide selection of freshly roasted coffees ranging from its traditional Autocrat blends to its enticing Newport Coffee Traders gourmet and flavored varieties, Autocrat is the leading producer of shelf-stable coffee extracts and other custom coffee products and packaging options, and offers a full-line of coffee and custom blending and services for private-label coffee distributors. The company’s Autocrat, Eclipse and Newport Coffee Traders brands of premium coffee, tea and syrups have been on retailer’s shelves for more than 100 years.

ProVisions Software provides Autocrat with a fully integrated, end-to-end business management solution across each of the company’s major sales divisions: Distributor, Food Ingredients, Food Service and Retail Operations. Autocrat will utilize the solution to input sales orders, schedule production, monitor and access inventory of both finished product and work-in-progress (WIPs) or sub-assemblies, and deliver products on time to its customers.

Autocrat is using ProVisions’ Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) and recipe management capability extensively. The MRP software is designed to streamline production planning, improve scheduling, safeguard the company from overstocking or purchasing insufficient quantities of an item used in manufacturing, and help consistently meet tight customer delivery contracts.

Autocrat’s coffee roasting and blending processes are based on recipes. Prior to implementing the ProVisions solution, Autocrat’s recipes were kept largely on paper-based recipe cards, each containing up to four levels of bills of material, ranging from bean blend to final packaged product. In addition, many products are processed through a two-level BOM and stored as work in progress, or WIP, essentially partially finished product to be used as raw materials for higher level bills of material. With ProVisions, detailed inventory requirements and recommended production schedules are readily available for every finished product and WIP.

Cynthia Field Wall, vice president at Autocrat said, “Prior to implementing the ProVisions software, there was no real connection between raw materials and production scheduling. Our production schedulers were never completely sure if there were enough materials, like green beans, on hand to satisfy production orders. “With ProVisions, we are better able to plan purchasing and manufacturing activities, and control the types and quantities of materials purchased while maintaining the absolute lowest possible level of inventory.”

“Before ProVisions, there always seemed to be inaccuracies in inventory balances reported because coffee and liquid production work orders were not being closed on the plant floor,” Field Wall added. “Now, real-time quality control and quality assurance data is captured on the floor using remote data capture devices.” In addition, ProVisions provides us with comprehensive lot tracking, vendor traceability and accurate production pallet tags to help us easily comply with federal regulations.

“We are pleased to be able to provide Autocrat with a fully integrated software solution that will ensure that there are always sufficient materials and products available for production and delivery to customers,” said Frank Motta, vice president of development for Computer Associates.

About Autocrat Coffee

Headquartered in Lincoln, RI, Autocrat is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of premium coffee and extracts, and operates a custom state-of-the-art extraction system to meet the increasing demands for coffee extracts and Coffee on Demand. For more information regarding these products call 1-800-288-6272 or visit Autocrat on-line at

About ProVisions ERP Software

Developed in conjunction with an advisory group of clients in the wholesale food processing and distribution industry, and designed using industry-best practices and advanced computing technology, Computer Associates’ ProVisions Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software consolidates critical business information to maximize the efficiency of every aspect of your business and help your entire team work smarter, faster and more profitably.

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