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John R. Morreale Tracks Shipments with CAI’s Provisions Software

January 23, 2019 – Smithfield, RI – CAI Software LLC, developers of the Provisions Protein Processing ERP Software and John J. Morreale, Inc. (, one of the largest, full-service distributors of fresh beef and pork to warehouses, butcher shops and other specialty retailers in the Chicagoland and tri-state area has selected Provisions to track the company’s high-volume incoming and outgoing shipments.

Each week, Morreale handles and distributes 1.6 million to 2 million pounds of beef and 150,000 to 200,000 pounds of pork from the nation’s largest packers, including IBP, JBS, Greater Omaha, Nebraska Beef, Elkhorn Valley Packing, National Beef and Tyson Foods, Inc. In addition,  Morreale provides custom trimmed fresh primals to further processing and cooking operations and, as a by-product, fresh beef trimmings custom blended in a variety of fat to lean rations to meet its customer’s specifications.

Bob Apato, President of Morreale said, “We have an extremely busy and pretty hectic operation each and every day with trucks coming in and out of the facility,” Apato said.  “CAI’s Provisions software has been a major help in keeping track of everything and really improving inventory visibility across the organization.” As trailers are unloaded at the plant, Morreale uses WIFI-connected bar code scanners to capture essential information about the product, including the who, how, when and where it was processed and packed. Barcodes can link to a wide range of product information, including order number, lot number, quantity, weight, cost, date of manufacture, expiration date, supplier, and more.  The information remains linked with all raw materials that go to the cutting floor and through to dispatch and final delivery to the customer.

As product labels are scanned, the data is routed, in real-time, to Provisions’ front-end business and accounting applications for visibility across the entire organization. “The  bar coding capability enables us to consistently offer our customers the complete, forward and backward traceability they want,” Apato aded.  “I would not hesitate to recommend Provisions to any business that is looking to streamline material movement, processing operations and truck loading and routing,” Apato said.

“We are very happy with the performance of the Provisions Software and the level of service that CAI has provided us.  The software is also extremely useful with BRC and food safety audits by providing all of the information required to respond quickly.  We are confident that we’re working as efficiently and as smart as possible to deliver the highest quality products and service to our loyal customers.”

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