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Thompson Packers, Inc. Enhances Protein Processing and Distribution Efficiency with CAI’s Provisions Software

May 3, 2018 – Smithfield, RI – CAI Software LLC, developers of the Provisions Protein Processing ERP Software ( today announced that Thompson Packers, Inc., a leading purveyor of ‘center-of-the-plate’ meat products to the food service industry for more than 50 years, has reported that CAI’s ProVisions software has helped increase operational efficiencies, improve employee productivity and maximize customer service.

Established in 1956 and headquartered in Slidell, LA, Thompson Packers has proudly catered to five-star New Orleans restaurants, hotels, distributors, offshore caterers prepping feasts and other institutions. Customers have continuously turned to Thompson for their high-quality meat products. They know Thompson has the knowledge and the capability to provide them with just the right items to satisfy their customers. The company prides itself on listening to its customers and delivering the specific items they need, when they need them. Thompson’s professional yet customized service is like having a personal butcher at your disposal. What’s more, Thompson’s state-of-the-art packaging affords consistency and “just-cut” freshness on every meat item.

Thompson Packers began as a three-man operation in the famous New Orleans French Market. Today, the company employs more than 100 people in its 50,000 square foot Northshore headquarters. The company also collaborates with local chefs to stay on top of culinary trends, and has developed specialized packaging processes to keep its meats fresh. Thompson’s brands include Certified Angus Beef, Cloverleaf Brand Corned Beef, WOW Burgers, Ranch Brand Meats, Flavorite Brand Beef, Cajun Queen Brand Meats, Imperial Wagyu Beef, TPI All-American Brand Burgers, SAS Prime Beef Products.

Upgrading Software to Leverage Current Technology and Best Practices

Andrew Schott, CFO at Thompson Packers, said, “We had been using legacy software Food 6000 for many, many years and had a great relationship with the developer who would, from time to time, enhance the software to add capabilities as we needed. However, in 2016 when it was announced that he would be retiring and exiting the business, we knew we had to look at other alternatives for the long term.”

“Another company who had been using the same legacy software had recently made the decision to implement Provisions from CAI,” Schott said. “After the project was complete, they informed our legacy software provider that the Provisions software had been customized to enhance their business processes, their data had been successfully converted to the new platform, the installation had gone very smoothly, and they were pleased at the level of post go-live follow-up as well as the support they’ve received during the transition period.”

“Our experience with the entire team at CAI and Provisions has been very positive. While we know that there are certain aspects of the software that we are not yet fully utilizing, the capabilities we are leveraging have provided a major boost to our business. From the packing stations that significantly improve visibility by integrating our production control room, cutting floor and packaging areas to a complete, barcode-enabled warehouse management system that lets us track materials from the time they arrive at the receiving dock until they are either utilized in production processing or put away in the warehouse, we couldn’t be more pleased.”

Provisions’ packing stations tools combine production-ready workstations, electronic scales, bar code label printers and Packer-Tracker software that simplifies lot tracking through production, accurately account for processed inventory, access raw materials yields (by-product accounting) and calculate the exact costs for finished goods. “With ProVisions, we can quickly confirm that we’re packing the correct product for the customer, along with anything else important on each order,” Schott added.

Wireless Warehouse Management Optimizes All Aspects of the Business

Provisions’ integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) is an affordable, inventory-control solution that utilizes WIFI-connected scanning devices to capture bar coded product information and then use this data to optimize material movement and transfers, forward pick replenishment, picking for sales orders, truck loading and routing, physical inventory, cycle counts and employee utilization.

Bar codes can contain a wide range of identifying data, including order number, lot number, quantity, weight, cost, date of manufacture, expiration date, supplier, and more. When product labels are scanned, the data is routed, in real-time, to Thompson’s Provisions front-end business and accounting applications to improve visibility across the entire organization.

Frank Motta, EVP for CAI said, “Provisions records information on all raw materials that go to the cutting floor.  The bar-coded production work order becomes the repository for all items produced.  You can weigh, label, invoice and update all information as a by-product of the packing step with a finished goods label, designed by you, applied at the end of the production line and then packed and staged to go into inventory or to the shipping dock. With Provisions, you know exactly what you have and where you have it.” Motta said.

Pricing Flexibility a Major Time Saver

Another key benefit for Thompson is in the area of pricing. The company maintains a series of sophisticated pricing schedules for each of its customer types, including distributors, wholesalers and restaurants. In addition, these multiple, dynamic price sheets can change on a weekly basis.

“ProvVisions‘ sophisticated pricing capabilities let us easily maintain multiple, dynamic customer pricing lists—a tremendous time saver,” Schott said. “We can stage pricing for the next week, eliminating those frustrating late afternoons preparing for the following week’s business. We can also prepare Bills of Material so we can factor in packaging, delivery costs and other charges, and protect our margins on every transaction.”

About Thomson Packers, Inc.

Established in 1956 and headquartered in Slidell, LA, Thompson Packers, Inc. has proudly catered to five-star New Orleans restaurants, hotels, distributors, offshore caterers prepping feasts and other institutions. For more information, call (985) 641-6640 or visit

About Provisions ERP Software

Whether you’re a meat processor requiring portion control and custom cutting capabilities, a specialty food processor using bills of materials or recipes to cook, bake, fry, mix or assemble your products, Provisions gives you the tools you need to improve inventory control, increase production yields, pinpoint and reduce inefficiencies, improve service and respond quickly to a food safety issue.  The software’s integrated, easy-to-use tools help you meet the challenges of weight-based, commodity-priced products where yields, lot and portion control, by-product accounting, and multiple freezer/warehouse locations are of paramount importance. For more information, visit

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