Professional Services Overview

Fast Time-to-Value

Time and time again, our clients tell us that they ultimately selected CAI based on their confidence in our team of knowledgeable consultants, data processing and IT support professionals.  We have a keen understanding and a successful record of wholesale food processing and distribution technology development and implementations.

Our experienced, knowledgeable staff will work with you to understand your unique needs and requirements and then apply our software deployment methodologies and best practices to help you create a cost-effective and quality solution to support your strategic information needs and business processes.

You get prompt, competent support and are reinforced by the experience and strength of a successful organization as well as a fully integrated and optimized software and hardware solution that helps you:

  • Get a complete view of your business with a single, accurate source for all critical, up-to-the-minute business data.
  • Give your business users instant access to the right information they need to do their jobs more efficiently and profitably.
  • Expand your business and customers with a complete customer view across sales, distribution, and financials helps you uncover new ways to serve your customers faster and better.
  • Streamline your operations by seamlessly integrating key business processes such as sales, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing and financials together out-of-the-box.
  • Support your changing needs with automatic software updates and best-practice recommendations supported by robust ERP software.

Software and Hardware Site Survey

We are firm believers in getting a full and comprehensive understanding of your company’s overall needs before any recommendations are made.  visit your facilities for a first-hand look at your specific business processes and perform a comprehensive survey of all issues relating to the implementation of Provisions at your site.

Upon the conclusion of this needs assessment, we’ll recommend a software and, optionally, a hardware solution that is consistent with the requirements of your company and gives you the most bang for your IT dollar.

Implementation Planning and Software Deployment

As the conclusion of the Site Survey, you’ll get a detailed Software Implement Plan.  This plan will outline the agreed-upon installation schedule and provide a timeline of specific steps and milestones from project commencement to ‘go-live’.

For a successful implementation, it is important to involve users early and often in the process . By listening to the expectations of your users, you are giving them a voice to commit to the project through its entire life cycle. Structured education and training during and after implementation will reinforce standard procedures and best practices for each position within the company.

Project Management

A Provisions’ Consultant will be assigned overall responsibility for the implementation of the software.  This individual serves as your main point person and primary liaison with your management team throughout the implementation planning and installation process.  In addition, your consultant will oversee and manage a dedicated installation team committed to the timely and most-effective installation of the software.

Provisions Consultants utilize our proven ‘customer-centric’ methodologies to ensure a successful implementation. Their goal is to configure and deploy the software to maximize your business processes and help you generate both immediate benefits and long-term productivity gains. Our team is chartered and aligned to help you:

  • Maximize the value of IT investments and minimize risk
  • Manage and schedule resources effectively
  • Reduce redundancy
  • Improve communication
  • Ensure Business-IT alignment


Provisions’ data processing professionals’ sole function is to train clients in the everyday use of our software.  Our trainers have an intimate understanding of all aspects of the software and possess considerable experience in addressing the day-to-day needs of end users.  In-depth hands-on educational training and workshops are offered at each client’s site or at our training facility.  Certain Provisions’ software modules are also available for training on a remote basis via Internet connection for your convenience.

Go-Live Assistance

A Provisions Consultant will be on-site with your team during the live cutover to the software.  Any issues that arise can be quickly resolved before the system goes into full use.

On-Going Support

Provisions’ world-class Help Desk provides a single point of contact for all services and support and significantly reduces costs at the same time. You get:

  • Unsurpassed expertise in managing and optimizing help desk operations
  • 24x7x365 coverage
  • Problem resolution services across disparate technology platforms
  • Flexible SLA-based contract options, including fixed and variable options
  • Basic network administration

Utilizing specially designed service tracking software, we’re able to guarantee an appropriate response time for all service-related calls.  For clients requiring extended service beyond weekday hours, we offer extended service hours.  Our technical support organization is staffed by certified technicians who have in-depth knowledge of the product, as well as manufacturing and accounting environments.

In addition, we employ a priority/backup support system which rotates support staff through priority support, backup support, and supplementary support roles.  This concept ensures your access to knowledgeable, seasoned support for your software.


Many of our customers find that the Provisions solution meets the majority of their needs without customization.  We realize, however, that you may have unique business conditions that create the need to customize a solution.  We offer complete customization services to provide the technical expertise and development resources for the customization of your system.  All customizations are fully documented and conform to strict programming standards to assure product compatibility and seamless integration.

Post-Live Review

Approximately 30 to 60 days following the system launch, it is recommended that the system be reviewed and tested again to search for previously unforeseen requirements or issues and to make sure you are getting the most from your Provisions’ software.