Specialty Food Processing and Distribution

Improve Productivity, Reduce Costs and Maximize Margins.

Select Only the Features You Need.

To provide the ultimate in software flexibility, Provisions employs a sophisticated and, unique to the industry, concept of software parameterization. Through this technique, our consultants are able to selectively activate individual software features that most suit your individual needs.  This amounts to a near custom system at the cost of a standard package.

Provisions’ web-based Sales Portal is a Mobile Platform for 24/7 Online Ordering that modernizes the procurement process and drives increased sales.  secure, wireless mobile technology, your sales reps and customers have 24/7 access to your latest product information and can place orders from the restaurant, the office, or from home on any Internet-connected computer or tablet PC.  Real-time access to the Provisions application is a major time saver that eliminates the need for double data entry and provides a convenient service to a distributor’s retail outlets.

The Sales Portal also includes a convenient ‘My Account’ feature that lets your customers check order status, access previous invoices and view statements, purchase orders, adjustments, payments, frequently purchased products for re-order and much more.

Provisions’ Mobile Sales Desk is an on-demand business tool that can help you improve customer service and close more sales.  Using your smartphone, you can establish a secure link to the Seasoft Provisions software running in the host server for immediate access to the information you need to respond to a customer question or request.  What better way of demonstrating that you take a genuine interest in their business?  At the touch of the screen, the Mobile Sales Desk provides a full suite of convenient, targeted sales tools and screens that provide customer contact information, product information, on-hand inventory counts, month-to-date (MTD) sales and gross profit (GP), and each day’s total sales, including a list of sales invoices and amount, total estimated GP % and delivery routes and more.

ProVisions includes a powerful set of Sales Contact Management tools that provide a complete and flexible contact and sales process management solution. You can keep close track of your customers’ buying behavior and offer timely, information-based service. Manage your sales opportunities better, automate lead routing, track prospects, manage e-mails, appointments, tasks and contacts and, perhaps most importantly, measure and forecast sales activity, all using CRM functionality that’s delivered, optionally, as a natural extension of your team’s Microsoft Outlook.

View product prices and costs, committed and on-order inventory, lot number, receipt date, inventory location, brand, grade, box number, and other detailed lot-level data – all from a single screen.

Assign different prices for different types of customers and different prices for wholesale, retail or online sales.

Operate your retail point of sale (POS) with an integrated cash drawer interface, pole display, receipt printer, barcode scanner, deposit tracking, quotes and deposits, scheduled delivers, credit issues and payment processing on account – all from one simple menu.  The software supports credit card transactions with full end-of-day reconciliation.

Provisions provides unprecedented connectivity for online B2B and B2C commerce with a suite of web-based tools for online account management, product catalogs and quotations as well as a shopping cart with complete credit card authorization capabilities.

Receive orders from trading partners and send fully compliant acknowledgements and invoices electronically.  Provisions’ integrated EDI module eliminates manual data entry and meetd the EDI requirements of most supermarkets, wholesale clubs and other large retailers.

Pre-sell expected product by staging inventory transfers between storage facilities. You get instant visibility of product transfers at the receiving location.

Assign landing costs to a single item on a purchase order. Assign fees such as customs charges or duties to one item on a purchase order without affecting the landed cost of the other items purchased on the same order. When used in conjunction with the header-level POMC on a single purchase order, the new POMC tool lets you spread some charges over the cost of all the items on a purchase order and assign certain costs to individual items on the same PO.

Keeping inventory management costs down is crucial to competitive advantage.  Provisions helps companies slash inventory costs by providing tighter control of stock levels.  You can set complex pricing rules based on individual customers, item variations, volume and more.  Access up-to-the-minute quantity status and detailed information on each item in your inventory.  An inventory replenishment capability ensures you have enough product on hand to fill anticipated orders, while keeping excess stock to a minimum.  Average lead time, historical or seasonal-based sales, and number of days’ supply to stock can be used to dynamically set reorder point and preferred stock level for each item.

Provisions’ warehouse management system (WMS) is a real-time inventory control solution that significantly improves accuracy, reduce inventory levels and costs, and gain a competitive edge.  The software uses wireless, hand held mobile PCs and bar code scanners to track inventory from the time raw materials arrive to the shipping of finished goods.  Improve receiving, picking, packing / invoicing (at the same time), physical inventory and cycle counts, and easily track the movement of materials within the warehouse and through production to finished goods (whether to order or to stock).

Provisions’ affordable traceability solution uses barcodes to track product as it’s received, processed and moves through the supply chain.  On-demand vendor information, lot numbers, PO, expiration date, country of origin, method of production (M.O.P.) and other tracking information offers quick and thorough product recalls, and allows consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions.  For processors, barcodes can be assigned to containers of finished goods as well as containers used in making a batch of food, then scanned anywhere in the supply chain to trace the raw material to the batch.  With Provisions, recalls of products are limited to those affected by the specific problem or vendor material lot, saving considerable money that an overly-broad recall would cost. Provisions tracks individual bins, containers and packages as they flow through the manufacturing process and distribution chain, and provides detailed, historical information related to production, inspection, genealogy and usage.

Track and label country of origin data to comply with USDA mandatory labeling requirements.  Generate labels at time of receipt with COOL and MOP details, including method of production, where the product was grown, packed and processed.  Assign unique transaction and lot numbers when items are received in inventory, and track product through the shipping process to an unlimited number of locations.

The Standard Atlantic Fisheries Information System (SAFIS) provides food dealers and fishermen with online form that satisfies multiple state and federal reporting requirements.  Provisions assigns a Trip Report Number to each purchase order to identify every catch landed by a vessel. In addition, vendors in the Provisions database can be assigned a Permit Number, Gear Type Description, and Home Port Description. The fields in the database facilitate the SAFIS upload and allow for tracking of product received by food dealers.

Quickly and accurately record shipment related detail, including agent, packer, shipping line, port of entry, final destination, vessel, feeder vessel and container number.

Provisions’ costing capabilities increase profitability by providing up-to-date cost information that can be used in product pricing strategies.  In many meat processing organizations, by-products are typically assigned a market value and costs are applied to multiple products.  With Provisions, by-product or non-target item costing can be based on the actual weight of the by-product rather than a standardized cost.  By capturing and analyzing the actual versus standard or estimated costs for by-products, meat companies are able to optimize processes to make better decisions on product pricing.

Provisions can easily generate and print bar-coded labels directly from handhelds, a mobile bar code printer or through the main computer.  You can place labels at key production locations for ease of use, efficiency, and lower cost.  Bar codes are not necessary to use the Provisions’ inventory system, but they provide additional automation and efficiency enhancements, increase the accuracy of physical inventory verification, bundle movement and processing from status-to-status.

Send staff into the plant with handhelds and scanners to quickly scan bundles to minimize time necessary during inventory verification. While scanning, enter inventory locations and immediately update the physical location while eliminating paper processing and manual rework.

Simplify the tracking of lots through production and accurately account for processed inventory. Provisions provides raw materials yields and calculates exact costs for finished goods. Whether you utilize yield processing, steak fish processing, grading systems or individual or regular lots, Provisions’ comprehensive production processing capabilities can make the difference.

Move your processing to the production floor. The Production Packing Interface combines specialized production packing software, production-ready workstations, fully integrated electronic scales, and bar code label printers to improve the efficiency of your production, provide for more accurate production yields and eliminate manually-entered shipped weights for every order.

Control and manage inventories and perform on-demand inventory lookup, tracking and history of all products. This essential module ensures compliance with FDA regulations.

Capture product shipping and receiving weights quickly and accurately in your purchasing, sales and shipping operations to eliminate errors and maximizes yields.

Specify product weights to match customer requirements, convert total order to pounds and transfer the information to the cutting room floor accurately and efficiently.

Control the types and quantities of materials purchased and plan which products are to be produced and in what quantities, all at the lowest possible cost. Gain more efficient production (longer runs, fewer product changeovers) and lower inventory levels and meet contracts to supply products by the agreed date. Produce a detailed MRP report listing the annual sales budget and forecast for each of your items and products, and ensure that it accounts for current sales projections, accurately reflects what items or raw materials (ingredients, packaging supplies, etc.) are required, how many are required, and when are they required.

Provisions provides full barcode functionality, including label printing and scanning throughout the operation, and allows for customization to meet your unique requirements.  Scan barcodes on work orders, read all of the items required at each stage of each recipe, then scan the pre-measured and barcoded raw materials for that step to ensure that the product contains all the right ingredients added in the right sequence to ensure both regulatory and QC compliance.

Improve your QC program and gain complete regulatory compliance.  Provisions lets you easily set-up and maintain multiple, customized QC programs for various items, and at each stage in the production process. At the same, the software automatically captures and stores critical product and QC information. QC Test Results can also generate an auto notification via e-mail or IM to responsible staff.

Costing and pricing your goods are essential to maintaining a profitable food distribution and processing business.  Centralize standard and actual costs so price changes are applied quickly to lot finished products. Bill of materials roll-up allows for quick re-pricing and costing.

Expedite customer orders by referencing detailed customer and sales history. ProVvisions’ integrated order processing system ensures that orders are recorded accurately, that product is shipped right the first time, and that orders are invoiced promptly.

Provisions lets you track all data related to your batch recipes, including descriptive information, technical properties, quantities in user-definable units, costing information, notes and history for every ingredient in every batch produced, and keeps this data accessible at all times.

In today’s industrial and commercial production and processing environments, computers get dirty, washed down, shaken up and generally abused. Provisions is fully compatible with a range of  rugged computing solutions for industrial markets for more than ten years.

Capture weights on the shipping line, invoice weights automatically right from the scale, update production orders and generate shipping labels. Provisions’ provides the most powerful and easy-to-use scale interface in the industry.

Manage all of your shipments from your desktop – from origin to destination – and back again.  Extract sales order and shipping detail Provisions into the UPS shipping interface with the push of a button.

Dynamically route trucks, assign stops in the appropriate sequence, and ensure drivers have complete and organized delivery manifest. Review stops assigned to each driver, the number of stops on a truck, total weight and case count along with a place for the driver to record his expenses and collection information to help speed up the reconciliation process upon his return.

Electronic Signature Capture for customer deliveries speeds order processing, saves your Accounting Department significant time issuing credit memos, and helps to minimize delivery disputes.

Customers simply sign the delivery receipt via the driver’s tablet or smart phone for immediate proof of delivery.  Drivers can take photos and make delivery notes which are automatically attached and archived, with the signature, to the customer’s order and can be emailed on-demand.

The ProVisions Mobile Fleet Manager is proactive, easy-to-use web-based software that helps food distributors pinpoint delivery times to drive customer service, increase productivity for their dispatchers and drivers, and reduce vehicle and fuel expenses.  Powered by the award winning Elite EXTRA,TM  the first cloud-based dispatch management solution designed for the seafood  industry, the Mobile Fleet Manager software optimizes truck routing, management and tracking to make dispatching more efficient.  Integrated within the ProVisions food processing and distribution software, the system can transform dispatch and delivery operations into proactive, automated Customer Service and Traffic Control Centers, getting drivers on the road with optimized route sequences, manifests sent right to their tablet or smartphone, real-time GPS tracking, and proof off delivery.

No matter how you do business, or what your routes look like, ProVisions’ Mobile Fleet Manager makes it very easy to get your drivers dispatched, and out on the road, with optimized route sequences and manifests sent right to their mobile devices. By transforming your dispatch and delivery operations into automated and integrated traffic control centers, ProVisions increases productivity for your dispatchers and drivers, while reducing vehicle and fuel expenses.

The system also tracks drivers through GPS on their mobile devices, giving you complete visibility of your drivers at any given time. This real-time tracking provides accurate ETAs, which you can share with your customer service team, or push to your customers. This has proven to provide an incremental sales lift. Whether scanning, capturing signatures, or communicating with dispatch, those mobile devices empower your drivers to take care of business.

ProVisions’ business-ready delivery and dispatch module lets you maximize the profitability of every shipment. You can consolidate and manage delivery runs, increase margins on small orders and maximize the gross profit of every truck that leaves your dock. You can simply scan bundle labels or key the label numbers while loading the truck, select customer/destination information and quickly print the bill of lading. ProVisions also lets you drag-and drop to add, delete or move orders from routes and analyze truck profitability. We’ve even integrated Microsoft’s Map Point technology for point-to-point directions.

ProVisions provides a real-time view of commitments and available delivery resources to those who need to know, helping them more efficiently manage staff and resources involved in the order build process and make more effective delivery decisions. In a simple screen, dispatchers can view the total value of product on the truck as well as the associated costs – per-mileage fuel costs, driver overhead and other expenses – that affect the value and profitability of the delivery. This insight not only saves money, it enables sales reps to commit to customer delivery times with 100% confidence. These new tools allow dispatchers to quickly determine if a truck is loaded to its capacity, and properly stage outgoing orders to quickly turn around vehicles for second and third delivery runs. What’s more, runs can be easily expanded to show combined order information, and can be scanned to provide updated status on the delivery and the order itself.

Dynamically route trucks, assign stops in the appropriate sequence, and ensure drivers have complete and organized delivery manifest. Quickly review stops assigned to each driver, the number of stops on a truck, total weight and case count along with a place for the driver to record his expenses and collection information to help speed up the reconciliation process upon his return.

Manage all of your shipments from your desktop – from origin to destination – and back again.  Extract sales order and shipping detail from Provisions into the UPS shipping interface with the push of a button.

The ProVisions food processing and distribution software provides a complete accounting software solution for your business. Access charts of accounts, balances, tax reporting and other up-to-date financial and accounting data and quickly produce attractive financial reports on demand to gain valuable business insight. Instantly access every G/L amount and transaction, and set-up your accounts and sub-accounts to enhance your decision making, improve processing time and automate routine activities. With ProVisions, you can provide daily financial management tools, not just a once-a-month report, and create accounting periods, manage bank accounts and cash and automate routines such as check-writing and bank statement reconciliation.

Adeptly manage your receivables to maximize cash flow and net profit.  Easily promote and track sales, payments, and other activity with your customers.  Record communications with customers and prompt credit managers for follow-up to help you get paid on time.

Record vendor transactions, write checks, and track vendor activity. Provisions gives you better control over payables to your vendors with less time and effort.

Identify all paid checks and reconcile with your bank fast and accurately.

Scan, file, store, and retrieve documents, fast and efficiently.  Provisions’ DataView Document Management System reduces costs, labor, paper and storage; helps you locate documents instantly, prevents document loss, protects documents with image dating technology and restrict access by providing security.  make misplaced or lost files are a thing of the past.

Provisions’ click-driven, intuitive data reporting and business intelligence tool is changing the way executives, sales managers and finance access critical information to make the most proactive, profitable decisions. This state-of-the-art BI solution lets you view customer, sales, inventory and other key performance indicators (KPI) as intuitive and graphical dashboard objects so you can identify business trends, monitor progress toward business goals and diagnose overall organizational health.

Produce detailed management reports, including SIR (Sales/Inventory Recap), SOBER Inquiry (State of Business Effectivity Report), GMROI (Gross Margin Return on Investment) and more.

Analyze up-to-the- minute corporate data, sales information, inventory status, accounts receivable and profit margins with detailed and customizable sales analysis reports and summaries.  Provisions is ODBC compliant, making it possible to use Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access and other third-party applications to review real-time information.

Ever been frustrated by generating a report and discovering it does not provide the right information?  Provisions’ Smart Reporting automatically stores each user’s individual settings for each report. You can save your report settings and load the report with these settings each time the report is run.  What’s more, each user can store and run the same report with their unique settings.

Dynamically define report format at printing and eliminate the need and expense associated with pre-printed forms.

Provisions is fully integrated to support MyFax Internet fax service to send, receive and manage faxes using e-mail and the web.  The MyFax solution securely supports an unlimited number of users across your organization and is fully scalable.  New users may be added at any time. MyFax supports your mobile workforce, allowing users on the road to access inbound communications and send faxes from their laptops or handheld device.

Permit authorized users to FAX documents directly from their desks.  Provisions also supports .pdf formatting (Acrobat) and e-mailing of documents and reports.