Success Stories

The ultimate judgment on the quality of any company or product is made by its clients. We are pleased to have worked closely with the food distribution and food processing industries for a number of years. Our clients within the food distribution, food brokering, fruit and produce distribution and meat & poultry distribution and processing environments speak for themselves when it comes to their reasons for selecting Computer Associates as their IT partner and ProVisions as their primary application software.

With CAI’s ProVisions software our production control room, cutting floor and packing and staging areas are completely integrated so we’re able to confirm that we’re packing the correct order for the customer, along with anything else important on each order. The software provides all the capabilities of a state-of-the-art processing and packing department.

Franklin Hall
Lone Star Foodservice

ProVisions software simplifies the tracking of lots through production and provides raw materials yield and exact costs for the finished product.

John Kinnealey
T.F. Kinnealey

Before our use of the ProVisions software, there was no real connection between raw materials and production scheduling. Our production schedulers were never completely sure if there were enough raw materials, like green beans, on hand to satisfy orders. Another issue that we wanted to address was the inaccuracies in inventory balances being reported. This was due in large part to the fact that our coffee and liquid production work orders were not being closed on the plant floor. Now, real-time quality control and quality assurance data is captured on the floor using remote data capture devices.

ProVisions lets us accurately account for scrap in our production costing. Now, spillage, samples and wasted raw materials are factored into our cost of goods, so we no longer over estimate margins and are able to virtually eliminate discrepancies in our cost of goods sold (COGS) reconciliations.

Cynthia Wall

Last year our legacy business management software provider informed us that they were closing shop, so we initiated a rather exhaustive search for a new solution that we could quickly implement without missing a beat. We were also concerned with carrying forward some of the custom capabilities we had previously enjoyed. That effort led us to ProVisions Software and we couldn’t be happier with our decision.

Bruce Rodman
Cambridge Packing Co.

ProVisions provides unprecedented software inter-operability and on-demand access to customer and business information. The software is packed with the most comprehensive set of industry-specific modules that has helped us automate business processes and improve customer satisfaction. ProVisions has literally transformed our operations and changed the way we run our business.

Peter Neville
Concord Foods

Our objective has always been to build strong, lasting relationships with our customers by meeting their specific needs. From the selection of raw material to special trim requirements and final delivery, we want to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with every order. We are always looking for ways to build efficiencies into our production processes. We process nearly 1,000 orders a week, and require automated tools to streamline that process.

ProVisions helps us deliver our orders quicker with more accurately, so that we can spend time proactively growing the business rather than just maintaining it. ProVisions simplifies the tracking of lots through production and accurately accounts for processed inventory. The software provides raw material yields and calculates exact costs for finished product, and our sales representatives have immediate, real-time access to processed inventory so they know exactly what is available for sale – even before raw material is received.

John Kinnealey
T.F. Kinnealey

We believe that ProVisions is the most powerful, user-friendly software for the food processing and distribution market. By allowing us to use on-demand customer, supplier and market information, ProVisions lets us run our business efficiency and profitably. We are very pleased about our decision to implement ProVisions and to partner with Computer Associates to deploy a dynamic solution that continues to exceed our expectations.

Debbie Kimball
ACME Food Sales, Inc.

Beginning with the initial planning meetings, followed by the software implementation, and on-site ‘go-live’ assistance to, most recently, our day-to-day activities, the attentiveness of the ProVisions team has been outstanding.

Bruce Rodman
Cambridge Packing Co.

Computer Associates’ experienced and conscientious professional staff made the conversion to ProVisions relatively seamless. Their commitment and hands-on experience with the day-to-day challenges of a business like ours resulted in a conversion that was on time and on budget. They worked closely with us to deploy a customized solution that continues to maximize the business value we require from an industry specific ERP package like ProVisions.

Dan Walsh
Concerto Foods