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Fortune Fish & Gourmet Improves Inventory Control, Capacity and Customer Service with Seasoft’s ERP Software’s Warehouse Management System (WMS)

April 14, 2014Fortune Fish & Gourmet and Seasoft Software today announced that Fortune, a premier fresh and frozen seafood distributor and processor servicing over 3,500 fine restaurants, hotels, country clubs and grocers in the Chicago area and throughout the Midwest, has deployed Seasoft ERP Software’s integrated wireless warehouse management system (WMS) to improve inventory control, capacity and customer service.

Seasoft Software is a fully integrated, seafood-specific business management solution that helps seafood processors and distributors enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs and maximize their bottom line.

Founded in 2001, Fortune Fish & Gourmet processes more than 75,000 pounds of fish, shellfish, oysters, clams and other seafood a day, and has grown to become one of the largest seafood companies in the country with over 8,000 different products. While seafood is Fortune’s primary business, the company also distributes a full line of high-quality gourmet specialty foods, including high-end olive oils, black truffles, specialty meats and cheeses.

Fortune operates a state-of-the-art, 51,000 square foot facility that includes eight separate temperature controlled areas including a finfish storage cooler, shellfish cooler, meat cooler, poultry cooler, dairy room, chocolate room, refrigerated fillet room, freezer, dry storage and loading area. The company houses a 3,000 gallon live lobster tank and a band saw for custom frozen product processing. A fleet of 45 refrigerated trucks covers Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan.

Prior to implementing the Seasoft Software, Fortune recognized that they had outgrown their existing software. “We felt like the software was not able to give us the level of control we needed, particularly how we managed our inventory,” Gattuso added. “We knew it was time to graduate to something that would help, not hinder, our growth.”

The company reached out to a number of contacts within the industry. “It became evident early on, based on these conversations, that Computer Associates’ Seasoft software was the way to go.”
Seasoft’s warehouse management system (WMS) is a real-time inventory control solution that uses wireless, hand held RF (radio frequency) mobile PCs and bar code scanners to track inventory from the time raw materials arrive to the shipping of finished goods. The system captures inventory information at the receiving dock and then utilizes this data to help you optimize all facets of your warehousing operations. The system is proven to significantly improve accuracy, reduce inventory levels and improve customer service.

“Our paper-based warehouse management was slow and error-prone,“ Gattuso said. “Seasoft’s wireless warehouse management system (WMS) gives us unprecedented flexibility and control of our inventory. By going paperless and scanning product information into the system using barcode readers, we’ve increased capacity, improved out order fill rate, reduced errors and significantly improved the service aspect of our business. And, of course, from a green perspective, it’s fantastic.”

“From the beginning, the folks at Seasoft seemed to understand exactly how we could immediately improve our inventory control, and they took the time to make sure all of our business process requirements were addressed,” Gattuso said. “I really can’t say enough about the people at Seasoft that we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Their expertise, responsiveness and attention to detail, along with a willingness to do what it takes to make sure things are running smoothly is extremely refreshing,” Gattuso added.

About Seasoft Software

Seasoft Software is a fully integrated, turnkey business management solution that helps seafood processors and distributors enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs and maximize their bottom line. Whether it’s improving inventory control, increasing production yields, pinpointing costs or responding quickly to a food safety issue, Seasoft’s integrated, easy-to-use software tools help you meet the challenges of weight-based, commodity-priced products where yields, lot and portion control, by-product accounting, settlement processing and multiple freezer and warehouse locations are of paramount importance.

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