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Seasoft Announces Wireless Inventory Control and Warehouse Management

January 4, 2012 — Seasoft Software today announced its new wireless warehouse management system (WMS), a radio frequency (RF) and barcode-enabled solution that helps seafood processors and distributors improve control and accuracy in all areas of inventory control warehousing / freezer operations. Available as part of its industry-leading Seasoft Seafood Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, this state-of-the-art WMS solution gives you the information you need, when you need it, to work more efficiently.
The solution is being installed at a number of customer sites.

Kristine Brown, Project Manager for Seasoft said, “Many of our seafood distribution clients are looking to improve their inventory control and material handling during receipt, production and delivery of finished product. Hand-held mobile PCs and bar code scanning provide ‘anytime, anywhere’ mobility and have been used extensively in other industries and at some of the larger food service distribution companies. These convenient and affordable tools are proving to be a major productivity boost for seafood businesses as well.”

Boost Efficiency and Accuracy Across Your Enterprise

From the time raw materials arrive through to the shipment of finished goods, the WMS solution improves accuracy and control. The purchase order starts the cycle, letting you capture all pertinent information accurately with one scan on the way in, including weights, dates, serial #s and other information. In addition, you can record and store real-time Quality Control (QC) test results at time of receipt so you know exactly what you have and where you have it.

On the processing floor, Seasoft captures and records information on all raw materials going into production and the bar-coded production work order becomes the repository for all items produced. You can weigh, label, invoice and update all information as a by-product of the packing step with a finished goods label, designed by you, applied at the end of the production line and then packed and staged to go into inventory or to the shipping dock.

Seasoft’s bar-coded inventory pick document drives the pick, pack and shipment process. Items can be picked by batch, by department or by order and then staged for further operations. The dispatcher finalizes all route and stop information with orders assembled by route in reverse stop sequence. Each order can be scanned as the truck is loaded ensuring the correct items arrive at the correct customer locations.

About Seasoft

Seasoft Software is a turnkey business management solution that helps seafood processors and distributors enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs and maximize margins. Whether you deal in fresh or frozen, wild or farm-raised, Seasoft’s integrated set of inventory control, production processing, sales and distribution tools will help your entire team work smarter and more profitably. We’re also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a single-source provider of essential network and server management services to our customers. These services include high-availability data backup and disaster recovery solutions, server virtualization to minimize your computer operating costs, and automated protection against computer viruses, SPAM and malware attacks that can result in costly business interruptions.

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