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Seasoft Clients Highlighted in Saving Seafood’s Traceability Video

March 18, 2016Saving Seafood, a non-profit corporation funded by the fishing industry, conducted a series of video interviews at Seafood Expo North America in which they asked representatives from some of New England’s most prominent seafood companies how they ensure that their domestic seafood is fresh, sustainably sourced, and reliably traced.

George Kouri, COO of Northern Wind of New Bedford, Massachusetts, Joseph Furtado, Executive Vice President of Eastern Fisheries, Laura Foley Ramsden, co-owner of M.F. Foley, Inc. and Charlie Nagle, President of Boston’s John Nagle Co. were interviewed. All but John Nagle Co. use Seasoft business management software to optimize their traceability programs.
Joseph Furtado of Eastern Fisheries said, “For us, we’re able to trace those goods, in the case of scallops specifically, from the individual tow, all the way to the lotted box that ultimately ends up in the possession of our customers.”

Robert Vanasse, Executive Director for Saving Seafood said, “Sustainability, traceability and high-quality local seafood were key themes of this year’s Expo. In recent years, as concerns about seafood fraud have increased, companies cited their ability to closely monitor supply chains, from the minute the fish leaves the water to the moment the final product exits the warehouse as the kind of control and assurance their buyers demand.”

To view the interviews, click here.

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Seasoft Software is a fully integrated, turnkey business management solution that helps seafood processors and distributors enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs and maximize their bottom line. Whether it’s improving inventory control, increasing production yields, pinpointing costs or responding quickly to a food safety issue, Seasoft’s integrated, easy-to-use software tools help you meet the challenges of weight-based, commodity-priced products where yields, lot and portion control, by-product accounting, settlement processing and multiple freezer and warehouse locations are of paramount importance.

About Saving Seafood

Since 2009, Saving Seafood has been a leading news resource, media liaison, and public information source for the commercial fishing industry from North Carolina to Maine, serving to educate the public and key decision makers on the industry’s crucial economic contributions and legacy. Saving Seafood works to help fishermen, their families, and their allies gain equitable representation within the media in order to counter and clarify misinformation disseminated by well-funded special interests. Funding for this critical effort comes from the generous support of industry members and supporters. By becoming a member of Saving Seafood, you are assisting owners, captains, fishermen, seafood processors, and brokers in their commitment to the preservation of sustainable fishing.

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